How to Start a Hair Salon Business

How to Start a Hair Salon Business

A hair salon is a safe bet when you are thinking about opening your own business. The beauty industry keeps growing every year. Having the right skills is the first step, but there is a lot more to launching the hair business. You also need all the business knowledge or experience to know how to manage and grow the brand. As much as the industry is steadily moving upwards, anyone can fail if they do not go about it the right way. If you are planning to start a hair salon, this article will be handy.

Draft a Business Plan

Any business needs a plan; it should entail your objectives and goals. Consider all the areas of beauty business when making the plan. You probably have most of the ideas in your head; you only need to scribble them down. Do not overthink it and create a complex business plan that will be hard to actualise. As long as it includes details on what the business is, how you will make it successful and problem-solving strategies. You can research how to make a business plan or consult when you don’t have a rough idea.

Find the Best Location

The location of your business will determine its success. Ensure you are strategically placed, somewhere where most clients can access you. Renting is the best way to go when you are starting. You can always move to a different location if the one you are working with is not right. Do your homework when you finally find a place. Find who your competitors are; if there are well-established hair salons you feel will outshine you, then move. Does the area have ample parking? Are there pending construction works? How will customers get there? Those are also valid questions you need to answer before paying for a working space.

Get Your License

Laws and regulations differ depending on your location, but you need a license to operate the business. Settle all the legal requirements before you set a date for the big launch. If not, you may pay a fine later or get your hair salon shut down. Some of the standard beauty business licenses include cosmetology licence, salon licence, building permit and sanitation. Start following up on the licenses you need early on to avoid unnecessary delays.

Hire the Right Staff

If you can manage alone the first few months, you should ensure you have all the equipment. If you need help, find qualified or experienced employees. That is because the salon will be as good or bad as the staff you employ. Your aids need to help you build a client base and not vice versa. How they relate with customers is also very important. Conduct a small training for the staff to give insight into your objectives and how they can help you run the business. Different hair salon owners have varied images they want to uphold. Without telling your workers, they might contradict your brand.

Think About Your Finances

Get all your money in hand when you are nearing your opening date. For everything to run smoothly, you need funds. Include everything you need on a small budget to guide you through the money you will acquire. Know where the money will be coming from, banks, investors, or friends, and get everything in order. You may also need money to market your salon and build your brand. Marketing is crucial; you do not need to wait until you open before selling your business. Use every platform to create a buzz about your hair salon.


Every tiny piece needs to come together before your salon can be up and running. Pay keen attention to all the necessary steps. You can have someone experienced in the same business close for consultations. They can help you avoid commonly made mistakes and navigate the industry with ease. When you find a salon for rent, ensure it’s in the best location and has everything you want.

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