HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop Review: Will it be your next Gaming Laptop?

Pavilion Gaming

Has the hp Pavilion gaming laptop caught your attention? And you need to confirm whether buying hp will make an excellent choice? Our gaming laptop review for hp Pavilion will help you. 

Why so confident? We’ve dug deep in to help you know all about the hp Pavilion laptop in our article.

HP says that Pavilion Gaming Laptop is the perfect option for gamers who don’t want to compromise on performance and power efficiency. The aim behind designing this laptop was to deliver the best on-the-go experience on a strict budget. 

Besides this, the machine features some premium components, including efficient thermals and a good-quality 16-inch display.

Let’s start the review for HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop.

The Appearance of HP Pavilion 

More or less, the laptop is not much different from other laptops from HP. You can see the hp logo on its plastic casing which is below the display screen. 

When it’s about the speakers, they’re at the upper area of the keyboard to keep the beat up. Hence, the overall appearance of this laptop is great.

The HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop weighs slightly more than a 15-inch Macbook Pro. Even though the laptop is slightly thicker than a Macbook Pro, it’s still a travel-friendly option.

HP Pavilion Cost

The laptop comes at the price of $899.99 which is quite a budget option compared to other gaming laptops you find in the market. It brings you a 16-inch screen along with 8GB of RAM and a 128GB solid-state drive. 

It also has a Core i5 processor. Besides this, the GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card by NVIDIA delivers an optimum visual experience.

Not only this, but the laptop also offers you a free subscription to the Microsoft 365 Home for a full year. The story doesn’t end here. After one year you can renew your subscription at a discounted price.

How is Gaming on the HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop?

This laptop is very good for playing older games. However, it can also play Overwatch well at 60 frames per second, even at high graphics settings.

The only downside when playing games on this laptop is that it packs only 8 GB of Random Access Memory. Due to this reason, games like “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” should be played in medium graphics settings. 

It’s because these games run at 1080p and incorporate a lot of details. Processing these details requires a lot of memory and immense computational power. In medium settings, this laptop offers great gameplay and impressive functionality.

Does HP Pavilion Overheat?

No, it doesn’t. The Pavilion Gaming Laptop by HP is loaded with thermal enhancements. While playing Overwatch, the laptop got warmed considerably and its fans were running at their maximum capacity.

However, it didn’t affect the gameplay. It’s normal for the fans of a gaming laptop to behave like this. Mostly, the fans are doing their job and there’s nothing to worry about.

During gaming, the maximum temperature was 70 degrees celsius. For a gaming laptop, 70 degrees celsius falls in the normal range. You should also note that this temperature was observed at load. While idle, this laptop didn’t seem to warm up.

The Pavilion Gaming laptop by hp has fans at the bottom. Though they do a nice job to keep the machine cool, yet you’ll have to place the machine on an even surface to allow airflow. 

Does the HP Pavilion Help you with Other Tasks?

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop is capable of performing every task. It can handle Web Browsers, YouTube, Spotify, Microsoft Office Suite, and others with ease. While running these apps, no lagging, interruption, or shuttering was observed. 

We can say that this laptop is also suitable for doing school or office work. It can run movies smoothly and provides a great visual experience.

Pros of HP Pavilion 

Here are some lucrative features and benefits that you get with this affordable Pavilion laptop from hp.

  • This laptop is indeed a powerful and durable machine that can handle games easily. It provides a fantastic gaming experience for casual as well as non-casual gamers. 
  • This machine is also suitable for running an everyday office or schoolwork. Since it’s equipped with a flagship graphics card, it provides a great visual experience.
  • This laptop can run old titles at their maximum settings. However, for games that run on 1080p, you have to play them in medium settings to receive better functionality from this laptop.
  • This laptop provides better value for the money you pay for it. Considering the processor and graphics card, this laptop delivers much better in this price tag. 
  • You get a free subscription to Microsoft Office for an entire year as stated earlier.

Cons of HP Pavilion

We haven’t got much to say about this hp laptop when it’s about the downsides.

  • This laptop lags when you try to run “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” on its highest settings. When moved to medium settings, the issue was resolved.
  • The fans are underneath. So, you have to take care of the airflow.

Final Thoughts

In our gaming laptop review, we’ve certainly found the Pavilion gaming laptop by hp as one of the affordable but quality choices. So, if you’re a casual gamer, you can certainly love the gaming experience on this laptop.


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