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Yealink Kenya offer VoIP phones, audio conferencing phone and video conferencing system of outstanding quality.  Yealink Kenya is expert in providing state of the art communication to the business setup of all sizes. Yealink provide the phones and system which are easy to use and provide sophisticated features these features are part of any business while yealink is best for the business setup on medium to large scale. Yealink have best products in the market and set new standards of high quality product. Yealink can be accessed and it is in range of everyone. Yealink set new trend of communication with its high technology and innovation. Users of these products are fully satisfied. Telecommunication companies have great scope in Emirates market and yealink Nairobi have good products which meets standards of Arab Emirates market.

Products of yealink

  • Yealink provide many quality products some are discussed below:
  • Yealink VoIP phones
  • Yealink dect phones
  • Yealink conference phones
  • Yealink video conferencing
  • Yealink accessories
  • Yeastar IP PBX

Yealink in modern age:

Modern age made communication easier and much closer. In this modern age VoIP phones are mostly used in place of traditional phones just because of emergence of the internet. It is very good idea for the business to use IP phones because communication or conference become easier through IP phones.

 Benefits of using VoIP systems:

VoIP (voice over internet protocol) also called as IP telephony is a method of communication between groups you can also send multimedia sessions or voice using internet protocol networks such as internet.

If you are using VoIP system for your organization or empire then you may get several benefits including long distance calls, several calling features, mobility and convenience which will enhance productivity. Yealink is popular for business phones if you are looking for business phones then you much consider yealink as a first option. It will also provide ability to integrate with apps along with excellent voice quality and other telephony features.


 Yealink SIP T21P E2

T21P E2 is an IP phone with 2 line appearance. It is upgraded phone in the series of IP phones of yealink Kenya with numerous features and affordable price. Yealink T21P IP Phone is available in elegant design suitable for wall-mount or desktop. It provides good sound quality and support all professional headsets.

Features and specification of yealink T21P E2:


  • Dual-port 10/100 Ethernet
  • 2-line appearance
  • Yealink Optima HD voice supported
  • RJ9 headset port
  • Full-duplex hands-free speakerphone
  • The 132-64-pixel graphical LCD, with additional backlight
  • Up to 2 SIP accounts
  • Wall mountable
  • Two adjustable angles
  • 3-way conferencing
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Built-in WI-FI
  • USB recording
  • Supports PoE
  • 3” color LCD


Yealink is leading company and provides IP phones for every kind of organization or business setup. Yealink has solution of your every problem about IP phones because they have large number of IP phones and they install them anywhere in Kenya. Yealink has good reputation in international market because of excellence they achieved. Yealink comes with desktop IP phones, wireless IP phones, conference phone and other video conferencing system. You can choose product according to your need and budget.


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