Important Must-haves for New Singaporean Doggy Parents

Important Must-haves for New Singaporean Doggy Parents

At some point, you might get the idea to go to an animal shelter in Singapore and try to adopt a dog because you want to do something fulfilling. There are several dog shelters in Singapore that you can look for dogs, such as OSCAS Singapore, SOSD Singapore, and Mercylight, to name a few.

After you have signed the documents and have the dog in your arms, a quick realization hits you that you are not well-prepared to take care of it. Even if you visit a pet store in Singapore and buy all of the usual doggy essentials, are you entirely sure that you got the right ones? You have to know about the several doggy essentials that every new Singaporean doggy owner needs to learn.

  1. Dog Collar

Since you now have a legally-owned dog in Singapore, you need to let it wear a collar to signify that it has a home. Your dog might suddenly wander around your neighbourhood and get lost. Although, you do not have to worry because anyone can guide them back home or contact you if they get lost.

When making your dog wear a collar, a good tip is to ensure you can still fit two fingers within the collar. Doing so prevents the collar from choking your dog and keeping them comfortable at all times. You can find many inexperienced Singaporean owners losing their dogs due to their collars being too tight, so you need to avoid that at all costs.

  1. Dog Harness and Leash

The following essentials that every Singaporean dog owner needs are a dog harness and a leash. It is not enough to have a big house that your dog can walk around in because the environment is entirely different for them when you take them outside. While experiencing the outside world for the first time, make sure you let them wear a dog harness and a leash.

The dog harness is essential, especially if you have a naughty dog that loves to run around and wanders off a lot. You need to let them know that you are in control of them and that it is also the best method to create a good relationship with them. Ensure you get the full-body harness from a pet store in Singapore that wraps around their body to prevent them from choking.

  1. Dog Food

If you want your dog to become healthy, you need to choose the right dog food from the right supplier. In some cases, Singaporean owners would prefer to get organic dog food than synthetic ones because it is healthier. And if your dog is picky, you might have to buy different packs until your dog is satisfied with the right one.

  1. Food and Water Bowls

Do not let your dog eat their food on a piece of newspaper because they will make a massive mess of it. Instead, you should get a plastic or metal bowl to place the food whenever it is time for your dogs to eat. You can even get unique food bowls that can help your dogs to control how much food they consume all the time.

As for water bowls, you can also go for plastic or metal ones. Singaporean dog owners prefer metal bowls because they do not easily break, no matter how many times your dog throws it around.

You should always provide the best of the best for your dog if you want them to live a happy and comfortable life.

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