Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Used Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes are fun, solid, and durable. They are specifically designed to endure all sorts of weather, and that’s why the demand for them is high. Kawasaki dirt bikes Sydney are great choices should you want one.

Mileage count is an esential factor when buying a used dirt bike, but there is more to a dirt bike than the mile traveled.

An average dirt bike travels about 3000 miles annually. A mileage of over 20000 miles is high for a used bike.

Factors to consider when buying a dirt bike

●     Terrain

People hardly consider the terrain traveled to accumulate the mileage. A 20000 mileage over flat and smooth terrain is not the same as 15000 mileage accumulated in a challenging, rocky, or jungle-like terrain.

Twenty thousand of smooth travel would not strain the bike as the fifteen thousand of arduous travel would. The condition under which the bike is used is important too.

The damages caused by riding the bike on the river, mud, steep mountain, dunes and rock lands can not be compared with those caused by smooth travel on the road under suitable environmental conditions.

●     Hours spent on the bike

How often the bike is used will tell a lot about its present condition; while mileage may not correctly indicate its shape, how it was used might.

A bike that is used once in a while will have higher mileage than one that is abandoned, while a bike that sits for a long time will develop problems as critical parts become rusty, tires become flat and other problems compared to the one that is used regularly.

●     Owner’s Habit

The question of who the last owner is should be asked as it is the biggest question that will tell you the condition of the bike.

Bikes that have passed through many hands will not receive the same treatment as one with the same owner over the same duration.

Also, bikes owned by older people are well cared for through regular maintenance and easy riding. Young bike owners are more likely to ignore the service needs of the bike and usually ride more aggressively.

●     Service History

Understanding what was wrong with the bike, where it was serviced, and how often it got repaired can give you knowledge of the potential strength and weaknesses of the bike.

A lack of service history may mean the previous owner does the servicing himself, which may and may not be a bad thing. However, it is necessary to take your bike to a mechanic for a thorough assessment.

Check the following part to evaluate the bike’s overall condition.

  • Air filter
  • The body for signs of cracks and dents
  • The control panel
  • Chains and Drive
  • Bearings on the wheel
  • Engine and trans oil

Dirt bikes are made for fun and durability; however, the mileage is not always a good indicator of the bike’s condition. It is essential to seek the service of a professional like the Kawasaki dirt bike Sydney when you’re in doubt to have complete knowledge before you invest in a dirt bike.

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