When It Becomes Crucial To Seek The Assistance Of A Professional Diamond Driller?

You may think diamond drilling is an easy job, anyone without the proper skills and experience can carry out this operation. But the reality is the opposite of it! Diamond drilling requires specialist tools and professional skills to ensure that it is carried out smoothly and efficiently. 

Occasionally, you will also require drilling a hole through reinforced and thick concrete, which is impossible to do on your own. And, in many cases, primarily due to space, time or expertise constraints, it becomes imperative to take the help of experts. It is where a professional diamond drilling company can help you. 

Other than this, there are many tricky situations where only an expert diamond drilling can assist you in accomplishing the job. In this detailed guide, we will focus on letting you know about these circumstances so that you can get a better understanding. So, let’s find this out in the upcoming section:

  • You Are Looking Forward To Creating A Precise And Smooth Hole

If you are seeking to create a precise hole, hiring a professional diamond drilling expert is essential. They have the expertise and skills to drill such perfect holes. They again know how to use the diamond drilling equipment and procedure to create accurate and clean cuts. 

So, whether you need to cut a hole for ducting, pipework or any other reason, they will help you. Also, note that the experts use either hydraulic or electric-powered drilling rigs for carrying out diamond drilling between 12mm and 550mm. They can cut through reinforced concrete, stone, brickwork, etc.

  • You Want To Keep Disruption And Vibration In Control

When working in an area where it is necessary to keep vibration to a minimum, it becomes crucial to opt for the assistance of a professional diamond driller. It could include old buildings or laboratories where there is the presence of sensitive equipment. 

So, an experienced drilling professional can control disruption and vibration in such places as they work with specialist tools. And ultimately, you would be able to achieve the best-in-class outcomes.

  • You Need To Keep Debris And Dust To A Minimum

Certain buildings, like highly decorated and historical ones, have debris and dust production restrictions. In such places, it becomes mandatory for you to maintain the levels of dust and debris produced and keep that to an absolute minimum. 

Whenever you opt for the assistance of a professional, you can stay assured of this, as they typically employ core drilling techniques. So, it means that there is the generation of a minimal amount of dust in this case. 

Some professionals even use an extra water supply to control the amount of waste and debris effectively. But it is only possible to achieve this when utilising a standard core drill. It can even result in a dusty and messy job.

  • You Are Seeking To Drill A Large Sized Hole

It is nearly impossible to drill a large hole on your own. However, when you rely on a professional diamond driller, you can ensure that this objective is successfully achieved. Many companies can even create a hole up to 550 mm, much more than the standard core drill bit size of 152 or 162 mm. 

Diamond drilling experts will be able to drill broader and deeper holes as per your unique requirements. So, in case you are involved in working on a large-scale infrastructure project, then you will mandatorily require choosing a professional diamond driller. Hiring an expert also becomes essential when drilling a hole more extensive than the standard size.

  • Your Goal Is To Maximise Safety

If you need to gain prior experience or skills in diamond drilling, then it is not suggested to attempt this job yourself. It is because you may put yourself at significant risk by doing so. As per the OSHA or Occupational Safety and Health Administration, workplace injury typically results from the misuse of equipment. 

However, when you hire a professional diamond drilling company, they know how to appropriately utilise drilling equipment as they have all the related training and licences. These companies can ensure that their workers follow all the necessary measures, ensuring they are safe at the workplace.

  • You Want To Safeguard Yourself From Any Damage Risks

Handling this job on your own may help in saving your hard-earned money. But, in reality, you will spend more in the long run if you fail to hire a professional. Either you carry this work by yourself or by taking the help of an amateur, you are exposing yourself to considerable damage risks. 

Damage to your building during construction is most likely to occur. In such a situation, you will anyway need a professional. So, why not invest your money from the beginning in hiring an expert to avoid such damage risks? 

Also, the cost incurred in repairing the damage is higher. Thus, it would be a good decision to think and choose a professional beforehand to save a lot of money in the long term.

  • You Are Seeking To Maintain Structural Integrity

Along with ensuring the safety of your workers during the job, you should also note the safety of all those individuals who are likely to use the structure after it is completed. By hiring a professional, you can make sure that the structural integrity of the building is well maintained. 

During the construction, they can find any issues, if present. Other than finding out the problem, they will resolve this again before the project’s completion.

  • You Want To Ensure That The Drilling Operation Is Carried Out Efficiently

If you decide to do the drilling job independently, it may take a long time to complete the job. On the contrary, when you hire professionals, they can accomplish the job on time and correctly. This way, you can ensure that your project stays on schedule.

Ending Thoughts

After reading this comprehensive blog post, you have understood why hiring a professional diamond drilling company is essential. A trusted name in this industry is CA Drillers. They are a reputed diamond drilling London company who possess years of experience in this field. For any related assistance, you can get in touch with them today.



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