Key things you should consider before you choose a podcast hosting platform

Key things you should consider before you choose a podcast hosting platform

There is a lot more you need to do after recording great quality audio or video for your audience. You need to get your podcast to the audience, so you have to find a podcast hosting  platform so that you can store video and audio files online to distribute and for download.

Podcast hosting platforms tend to differ, so there are several factors you have to consider before you choose one for your program. This post explains the key things you should consider before you choose a podcast hosting platform.

Understanding a podcast hosting platform

Just like you have to get a website host to store your content, such as written content and pictures, you also have to find a podcast hosting website to store the media files. Remember that a podcast hosting website utilizes a server for storage. This server is designed to store large media files that can be distributed and downloaded.

Many podcast hosting platforms have extra features to help you increase your following. It can be easier to find the right platform if you already know what you want in a good podcast host. For example, Libsyn has advanced stats so you can track your podcast’s statistics and get to know your audience.

When you record a podcast, you can make several media files that you can share online with your listeners and viewers. Ideally, you can decide to build your site to host and even share these media files. However, many website hosts usually don’t have the bandwidth or storage capabilities required for large video and audio files. Utilizing your website can also lead to a bad user experience when it comes to page crashes or slow load times.

For the best results, you should get your podcast online via a podcast hosting platform. It’s worth noting that a podcast hosting platform can provide enough space to store your files. Some platforms can even help you with distribution to make sure people can locate your show and listen to it.

Things you should consider before choosing podcast hosting platform

Storage and bandwidth limits should be a top priority when searching for podcast hosting platforms. This is because the amount of storage as well as bandwidth can affect several aspects of the podcast. This includes the number of episodes you can release each week, the amount of access your listeners have to old content, and many more. It can also affect the number of people who can download or listen to your podcast at a given time.

The file size and number of files tend to determine the amount of storage offered by podcasting hosting websites. Therefore, when you want to look at storage capabilities, it makes sense to consider the future of your podcasts. While producing more content, you need to have adequate space for the old and new podcasts.

Likewise, bandwidth can affect the amount to content you can either upload or download from the hosting platform. This can directly determine the number of people who can access the podcast at a given time. The needs of the bandwidth can increase as the audience grows. Therefore, make sure that the hosting platform can give your content as required.

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