What Might Cause a Widespread Internet Outage? A Closer Look

Did you know that internet usage for American households stood at 90% in January 2021?

Several large-scale outages disrupted global networks last year, highlighting our reliance on a small pool of network providers, as well as the vulnerability of increasingly overcrowded infrastructure.

If you’re interested in what causes a widespread internet outage, it pays to do a little research beforehand. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide on the mechanics behind internet outages.

Read on now for everything you need to know.

ISP Outage

Among the most prevalent causes of a network outage is an internet service provider (ISP) outage. Depending on the circumstances, the disruption these network failures cause can range from a few minutes to days.

Common causes of ISP outages include:

  • Line damage
  • Core system failures
  • Unmanageable network traffic
  • Bandwidth issues

The typical repair time will vary depending on the cause of the issue. It is your priority to contact your ISP for a timeframe.

Device Failure

Whether you invest in cheaper network equipment or spend hundreds of dollars a month, you always have the risk of hardware failure. Modernized systems are as important as a good cloud provider when it comes to hardware.

Preparing for hardware difficulties is entirely within your power. It is critical to identify points of failure in the network and anticipate what hardware is most likely to break or prove the most difficult to replace.

Just one piece of hardware failing may bring down all of your users as rapidly as line damage or a power cut.

Human Error

Human error can be anything from improper network components or hardware installation to the abuse or mismanagement of a functional network. Whether the network has failed at source or a user is using it inappropriately, the end consequence can be a massive internet outage.

Determining the root of human error can be difficult, especially when egos are involved and the person at fault may be unwilling to take responsibility for the situation.

Human error cannot be eliminated, but it can be reduced to a manageable level. In terms of deployment, having a clear strategy with backups combined with thorough testing goes a long way towards ensuring a system works as expected.

Cyber Attacks

The quantity and intricacy of cyber security breaches are increasing and their consequences on the enterprise.

If you don’t have the resources or staff to protect your network, enhancing your security is a must so that you don’t endanger your users and customers.

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Widespread Internet Outage: What You Need To Know

So, that’s the 101 on a widespread internet outage and its causes.

Identifying the reasons behind your internet outage is crucial to securing your network from future failure. Our helpful guide tells you what to look out for.

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