Learn from These Mistakes Before You Learn Local SEO

Learn from These Mistakes Before You Learn Local SEO

Local SEO is an effort to include the city or town name when optimizing a keyword. It’s not enough to have the primary keyword alone. When people look for information online, they also include the city where they currently are. They prefer buying from the nearest available store. Hence, focusing on local SEO is necessary. It’s even better to work with local SEO Dallas experts if the company is in the area. They know which strategies work. They also understand the potential mistakes that might lead to failure in the local SEO efforts. Here are some of them. 

Stuffing the page with zip codes

Some people thought that using zip codes on the website can be a good local SEO strategy. The truth is it could lead to penalties from Google. Back then, adding the zip codes on the footer was an excellent strategy. Even city name stuffing was also a great idea. Since Google noticed it being done by many websites, the algorithms changed. It’s manipulative behavior that Google didn’t tolerate. It’s the same idea as keyword stuffing before. Just because the keyword appeared several times on the website doesn’t mean it’s relevant. 

Claiming Google My Business pages incorrectly

Google My Business is part of the local SEO strategy. The idea is to claim the pages and verify the contact details. It shows the company’s legitimacy. It also serves as the modern yellow pages. When people want to look for quality products and services, they look at the businesses listed under Google My Business. While it helps to fill out the necessary information, avoid gaming the system. Some companies also claim addresses where the company doesn’t have an active office. While family members or friends reside in the area, it doesn’t mean the company can include it on the listing. Google will attempt to clean it up, and the business might get penalized. Be consistent with the address to avoid penalties. 

Choosing the wrong category in Google My Business

The category of choice is critical. The primary category should be specific to the products or services offered by the business. Don’t choose a broader category as the primary one. It’s more competitive, and it won’t be easy to rank high. The point is to select the category carefully to avoid confusion. 

Not writing for human readers

Another potential mistake for local SEO is not writing for human readers. Sure, it’s critical to consider the technical aspects of SEO. However, if there’s an obsession with this area alone, the content won’t sound natural. The priority is to make the content readable to the target audiences. They should also find the information meaningful and easy to absorb. When it sounds too robotic since it’s not suitable for human readers, it could be a disaster.

It also applies to the use of keywords. The appropriate keywords should get sprinkled within the content to sound natural. If they get overstuffed, it won’t sound great anymore. Anyone who comes across the content will decide to leave the page. 

Inconsistent information

The contact page of the website should contain relevant and accurate information. It should be the same details written on different platforms. From the Google My Business page to social media, everything should be the same. If there are changes, update all platforms. The visitors might get confused. They’re not patient enough to figure out which one is accurate. It shouldn’t be their burden, either. Duplicate listing on Google My Business is also a big no. When using other search platforms, the information should be consistent, but the priority is Google My Business. It’s the most popular option. 

Writing low-quality and irrelevant content 

The key in making local SEO content relevant is to write for the target audiences. They should feel that the business is making an effort to win them over. It helps if the content is relevant to the needs of the locals. It’s not only about selling products and services. When visitors enter the website, they should get helpful ideas. Include local events, weather, tips, updates, news, and many others. It shows to them that the company is part of the community. It’s easier to trust the business when it has the right content. Constantly update the visitors with relevant information. 

Local SEO services are crucial

Working with local SEO experts is necessary. They know what it takes to make these efforts successful. Some of them helped established and thriving business owners before. They employed different tactics. Hence, these experts understand which one will help the business succeed. 

While it seems like local SEO is easy, it’s not. It also takes time and effort to achieve the desired results. There are also more competitors in the same industry. Standing out would be difficult without the aid of these experts. 

Written by Frederick Jace

A passionate Blogger and a Full time Tech writer. SEO and Content Writer Expert since 2015.

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