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There’s a lot of difference in the way you would plan the lighting layout of your home compared to how an interior designer would do. An interior designer has to look at numerous aspects like the lumens the lighting fixtures bring to the table, the safety standards of the lighting designs, and then basically everything else including colour, fabric and material. Lighting can change a lot of things for your living space from accentuating the aesthetics, lending a stronger aura and also enhancing the visuospatial perception of your home. 

Also, wall panels are one of the great choices that make your interior more attractive.

You can give your home a pretty opulent touch and make it quite functional too if you stick to what interior designers use to create a stylish yet functional living space. Layered lighting is the key to achieving perfect illumination in your home that can perfectly complement any of your moods and occasions. Layered lighting can also drastically improve the appearance of your home as it adds that much-needed depth and drama as you’d never expect. Making your home colourful besides bright, is another plus, or you could stick to being a purist and focus on functionality more than style. However, you could very well choose between white light and yellow light fixtures as the latter are known to add more glitz and glam into any living space. 

Getting the basics right with layered lighting 

Layered lighting comprises of three components – ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting. Now the key to getting these elements right depends upon how thorough your planning is. You need to make sure you’ve listed out all the possible requirements of each and every room in your home and try coming up with random scenarios to get a better idea of where you’ll actually be needing the light. Ambient lighting fixtures add that soft and general lighting that’s required in any room and task lighting is added to make that same room quite functional so it’s your job to select the lighting fixtures properly. Accent lighting is often neglected but this can be a pretty useful element as it is used to create focal points and highlights in the spots that actually deserve attention in your living space. 

Now, let’s take a quick look at a few lighting fixtures from the house of The White Teak that can actually help you achieve a professional touch in your lighting layout and also add an effortless elegance to your living space.

Lighting fixtures for your common spaces 

When it comes to a living room, dining room, your best shot is going with chandeliers, pendant lights or ceiling lights. For these spaces, our recommendations include chandeliers like Vienna Waiting and Married in Milan. And if you’re looking for something more subtle, try going with our pendant lights like Holistic, or Sunset. 

Now you’ll need something to balance out the look and also complement your overhead lighting fixtures. We suggest going with floor lamps or the hot picks of the season, crystal table lamps. Bunched is one of our finest crystal table lamps that can lend a strong aura to your space and also accentuate the look and feel of your indoors. 

Bedrooms and hallways 

There’s nothing common between spaces but both these spaces need to add warmth to your living space. And the best way to do that is to go with interior wall lights or indoor wall lights. Wall lights not just increase the functionality of your space, but also add warmth and depth to your home. Our picks for the category are Amalfi, Take the Lead and Just Say Yes. 

Head over to and get your hands on the finest lighting fixtures you’ll ever lay your eyes on. 

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