What is the Best Air Conditioner to Buy in Melbourne?


Melbourne’s weather is full of unexpected changes. But one certain thing is that the city receives its share of heat. It may come when you least expect it to, enveloping residences like a swarm of locusts. AC units are plenty and very easy to acquire. Yet do you know which units are most suitable for your home?

If you’re thinking of getting a new unit soon, you should know what to look at first.

Some have clear advantages that others don’t. Keep the following AC units below on your radar, so that you’ll know what to get without regretting your purchasing decision later on.

1. Ducted ACs

The best air conditioner for you might require something that split systems cannot do on their own, especially if you’re living in a large home. Unless you prefer to have several split systems installed for each of your residence’s rooms, You should consider a ducted AC unit.

Most ducted units sold today look no different than split systems, at least when on the exterior section. Like split systems, ducted ACs pull in air from outside and force it in. But instead of coming out through vents on an exterior piece’s front, the air continues toward a series of vents.

How many vents and where they go depends on the home. You can have this installed during the installation of a ducted AC. Alternatively, if your home already has ducted running behind the walls, a simple connection to the ducted unit would be all that’s required for you to set up this unit.

2. Split system ACs

An air conditioner in Melbourne must have an exterior that allows the inside components to function well in the region. Split systems are more than capable of doing this. A split system unit has two separate parts that are connected to a tube.

Inside the tube is a copper lining that feeds air outside into the other half. Once there, refrigerant brings air to the temperature set by the owner, dispensing it throughout the room in which the interior section is housed.

3. Evaporative cooling systems

Evaporative cooling systems are a bit different from split or ducted AC. Evaporative is a fitting name for the technology outfitted to the units. In Melbourne and elsewhere, their installation typically places them on the rooftop of homes. Air feeds down in the home, taking advantage of the fact that heat rises.

The result is a cool home without the annoying expenses of high energy bills during the summer months. Though a rooftop installation might seem a little over-the-top, they’re very easy for professional HVAC specialists to install, and can be seen in every district in the city.

4. Zoned AC cooling

If you fancy the idea of having control of the flow of air in every individual room, then zoned cooling might be best for you. The concept involves either ducts or wall vents that are controlled through one thermostat. Savings are very easy to come by with these units for people in large houses.

Find the right AC unit for you

For an air conditioner in Melbourne, you no longer must spend hours thinking about which AC you want. Go for what you know fits your home best, then choose to schedule an installation with HVAC professionals that you can trust.

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