Mathematics is a hard subject – The Secret Tips

Mathematics is a hard subject

Mathematics is a hard subject, everyone knows that, but all it takes is some smart but also efficient studying by students to get those sweet marks that will make parents, teachers, and most importantly the students happy. The toughness and understanding of a subject increases over time with the student advancing further in their high school life, and Mathematics is no stranger to that problem.

Lots of students hate studying Maths because they find it either too boring or too difficult to grasp, but little do they know that Mathematics is one of the easiest subjects to score marks in and all it takes is a sincere and tenacious effort from the student’s side to get the best marks. This is because perfecting your Mathematics is all about practice & precision, a student has to practice as well as be precise with their calculations and answers to get good marks.

Class 9 Mathematics is one of the hardest years for students studying Mathematics because it is the year before you get into high school life, which is from Class 10-12, so it would only make sense that students are accustomed to harder concepts so that they can study Maths in high school more efficiently.

Sure, practice can get students far ahead when they’re in Class 9 and are studying Maths (this is true for every subject), but some additional factors can help students get amazing marks in Class 9 Mathematics exams too. Rather than calling them “additional factors”, we can call them tips that can help eager students with their hunt for scoring marks with flying colors.

The Secret Tips-

  • Practice- This is a cliché tip, but it is the most important tip of all. Practice does not only apply to Maths, but to every skill that one can acquire and improve upon. Practice makes perfect is not just a saying, it is also the truth, and this truth is more prevalent with a subject like Maths which requires speed and precision to get the right answer within a short amount of time (because time management is an important factor scoring good marks in examinations).
  • Practicing Sample Papers- Sample papers are a vital source of information for students wanting to score good marks in exams. These papers contain questions that are made in a way that they represent questions that will be asked in the actual exams. These questions are either made by teachers or they’re made up of a compilation of questions that appeared in exams from previous years. It is suggested that students practice these sample question papers frequently to familiarize themselves with the pattern of the exams, also students can learn how to manage their time while practicing these papers, thus making the students ready to take on questions in the actual exam without wasting vital time. Another interesting reason why this tip works very well is that sometimes questions from the previous year’s sample papers appear in the exams, and a student who has already practiced that question can be sure of what he has to do to solve that problem!
  • Time Management- This tip is already given in the other two tips above, but it is far too important to neglect and has to be given equal attention. Examinations do not last forever and there is a time limit for students to fill up the answers, the questions may be easy but all that practice goes to waste if a student cannot learn to manage their time efficiently. A sub-tip that is suggested to students is to always have a watch with them whenever they give a Maths exam, this way the student can know how much of their time can be devoted to certain questions.
  • Memorizing Important Topics- This is a broad category, but what is being suggested to students is that they learn all the important equations, definitions, formulas, formations, etc. that are required to solve certain questions in a shorter amount of time. This can also help students manage their time as well assure themselves of a shortcut to solving questions that would otherwise be too complex or long.
  • Help- Sometimes students may be stuck on a question during their preparation, or they do not understand a certain formula, but it does not have to be like that. Practice helps, and so does time management, but having a mentor by a student’s side who can help them out with their problems is one of the most important tips to scoring good marks. After all, what is studying about if you do not have a good mentor? Students can take help from teachers and even their parents whenever they are stuck on a problem, especially when it comes to studying Class 9 Mathematics, this helps them move on to the next question without wasting much time so that they can cover all the important topics before the exams.


Class 9 Mathematics Exams will be giving students a hard time, but it can be a piece of cake if these tips are followed by students, these tips will help students gain extra knowledge during examinations and it could even be one of the major factors that can help a student score more marks than others in their class.

A final tip is that students can refer to books that can help them study for Class 9 Mathematics exams. One of the best books for students studying for Class 9 Maths exams is RS Aggarwal’s Maths Solutions.

For example, here we have Chapter 1 Number Systems from RS Aggarwals’s Maths Solutions. RS Aggarwal’s Class 9 Maths Solutions is one of the most important books that students of Class 9 can have to study for their Maths exams, his books help the student learn difficult concepts while also making the learning process fun and enjoyable for the student. Frequent practice of the questions from these books will help ensure that students are right in every answer as well as secure the marks that they have always dreamed of.

Written by Enaa Mari

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