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House Clearance Companies

If your parents are placed in a long-term care facility, you may find yourself in charge of their property and belongings. As a rule, it entails sorting through their remaining belongings, selling them, and handling the sale of their house. The nature of the assignment can indeed change depending on the situation. They have devised a tailored service method to ensure that your parent’s long-term care needs are met.

Services By Professionals-

  1. They’d love to hear from you.

Please get in touch with deceased estate house clearances if you are in charge of managing your parents’ home now that they are in long-term care.  Between fifteen and thirty minutes is typical for this. A clear picture of your situation and priorities is the goal here. House clearance Sydney services to meet your requirements. As a result, they prioritise working directly with you at every level of the process.

  1. House Clearance Consultation, Service Outline, and Costs

Everything you say to experts over the phone will be recorded for future reference.   Their cleaning out deceased estates is what they name this plan.  After the consultation over the phone, they’ll go on to the next step.

  1. The house clearance process will commence.

They’ll need full access for three to five days to manage your parents’ property and belongings appropriately. They can usually finish the decluttering and cleaning process in this amount of time. It’s not uncommon for them to have the home available for sale or rental within 30 days of the agreement signing. Respectful, fast, and efficient service is their goal.

Goodbye junk can assist you in clearing out your home.

You should call them if you’ve been tasked with maintaining your parents’ property after entering long-term care. You’ll then be able to get a fixed-price quote and service outline from house clearance service near me.

How they Can Assist You with Estate Auctions for the Deceased or the Living

The grief of losing a loved one is compounded by the responsibilities and duties that fall to the will’s executor, which can be tricky. In many ways, the responsibilities that fall on family members when an elderly loved one enters a residential aged care facility are just as challenging. Organising the possessions of a deceased loved one, distributing items that have been bequeathed or otherwise gifted throughout the extended family, deciding which items to sell, and then figuring out how to get the best price for the estate or the elderly loved one in care are all tasks that are common in both situations.

Here are some of the methods in which they alleviate the stress of deceased or living estate auctions for you:

  1. They go above and beyond the standard auction process for every item they sell.

Auctions are only one way to sell a product, and if they only used this one approach, the deceased estate house clearances or living estate would be considerably less likely to get the best financial return. Their goal is to match each item to a sales method that they believe will bring in the most money for their clients. These include on-site and online auction services and retail and in-person selling venues, several online platforms, and private sales to their network of prior customers.

  1. They take care of all of their customers’ needs.

As the name implies, estate auction companies specialise in selling the belongings of the deceased’s heirs and estates through auctions. For the most part, they’ll only help with the most valuable objects, such as fine art, antiques, and vehicles. This is only a partial solution for customers; what should they do with the rest of their possessions? All of the property’s belongings are taken care of by Goodbye Junk, including every tiniest teaspoon in the kitchen. Clearing a property is done with care and respect, leaving nothing in its place.

  1. You don’t need to be a part of the community or live in the region to participate.

If you prefer that they handle the entire process for you, including collecting all of your belongings, putting them up for sale, and negotiating the best possible price, they are more than delighted to do so. They have assisted families who would otherwise have to fly hundreds of kilometers to manage the sale of assets, wasting necessary time away from work and other duties. As an alternative to doing so, they can take care of everything for you and keep you updated by phone, video call, and email, so you can relax.

  1. They help the executor or attorney to meet their responsibilities

Both the executor of a will, in charge of a deceased person’s estate, and the attorney, in charge of an old loved one’s estate, have a slew of legal responsibilities that can be draining. They must locate, protect, and catalog all deceased or live estate assets. The executor or attorney can focus on other duties because they, at Goodbye Junk, handle everything for them. If necessary, they may create and maintain a detailed digital catalog of all the goods in your home, which can be viewed by your lawyer and shared with your family.

  1. As feasible, they try to employ as much of their resources as possible at home.

Inevitably, specific products will not be profitable to market. They’ll ask if you’d like them to donate it to a charity or work with a partner to recycle it. As long as things are used or can be repaired, they can give them on your behalf to charitable organizations that accept home goods as long as they are in good working order. Everything has a second opportunity to be helpful and valuable because of this system.

  1. The majority of products are sold within six to eight weeks.

House clearance Sydney has a 6-to-8-week turnaround for most items they sell on behalf of their clients because many consumers like to finish the sale of things quickly.


For every deceased estate house clearance client, the process is unique. Goodbye junk will meet with you to discuss your situation, aims, and priorities with full respect for the legacy of your loved one and decide on a customised approach to suit the specific condition you are managing.

Written by Enaa Mari

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