Most Innovative Technology For Investments

Most Innovative Technology For Investments

Along with the pandemic, many changes have risen to the surface. New trends are causing rapid change within established industries. TV is being replaced by YouTube, Netflix, and live video streaming like Twitch. Technology is giving greater freedom to individuals. Investment in these new technologies has been spurred on by their popularity. In this article we will discuss the most recent world changing tech innovations bringing their investors great returns.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is not a new concept. It has been part of the landscape since the early 2010s. Despite its maturity, new technological advancements allow new experiences in this space.  Many investors are looking to this vertical for quick returns. Much of the technological legwork is already in place and profits can be expected sooner.

With an understanding of the technological advancements much investment has already been made. Deciding to jump into this field means you will have a wealth of companies looking for capital. Greater future investment in space, can only drive further innovation and profit..

A good indicator to watch growth is investors’ reluctance to pull any money out of a venture. Desire to keep the investment going despite hiccups is important. It shows investor confidence in the nascent company. David Kezerashvilli is an example of an innovation investor. His venture capital firm, InfintyVC, is always on the lookout for new and innovative technologies. The difference is his willingness to hold the investment for the long term.

5G Mobile Network

The new mobile networking technology has been all over the news for the past year. 5G is a revolutionary new way for our smartphones to communicate. It’s starting to roll out all over the world and promises to change the way we interact with all our technology. Every type of device that uses some sort of network will see improvement with this tech. Many remember the impact the switch from 3G to 4G had on how we use our phones. This new speed promised to make an even larger impact.

This new network comes with greater electricity efficiency beside the colossal increase in speed. Some estimates predict the speed will be almost a hundred times 4G’s best. The possibilities for improvement in other technologies is astounding. The ability to transfer data faster than a human brain can process it without wires will be game changing. To put it another way, speeds faster than 5G would be unrecognizable to our brains.

The great leap in speed seems like a great magazine headline, but it will soon be a reality. The building of new infrastructure for quick implementation are well underway in many places. JP Morgan has published the full stats but almost fifty percent of US phones will see huge speed increases. This will be even higher for China as over seventy percent of their phones are ready for the 5G revolution.

It’s going to be a smooth transition, rather than a sharp one. The full transition will take a few more years. This is due to the smartphone life cycle. Most phones are in use for about two to three years. This means that many older phones will need to be replaced to take advantage of the 5G speeds. By 2025 almost all, if not every, usable device will have 5G capabilities.

Automation Strategies, Breaking Of Limits

Elon Musk of Tesla often lauds the company’s self-driving car project. Many other companies like General Motors and Toyota are already investing heavily in these technologies. Like streaming services, self driving vehicles will take great advantage of the new 5G network. Cars, drones, and robots will have much more potential with greater network speeds. The lower latency doesn’t only ensure faster downloads. Interconnectivity for these new technologies exponentially increases with the upload speeds.

Now, there will be no barriers between experiencing anything in real-time. Want to watch soccer as would if you were sitting in the front row of the stadium? 5G speeds will allow virtual reality in ways we can only dream of. Spectators lucky enough to sit in the stadium, will be able to use augmented reality to enhance the experience. When you add virtual and augmented reality into the mix possibilities are limitless.

The newest technologies are not single devices. The focus on new technologies to network more efficiently seems to be the near future. Solving data transfer problems will open new avenues of advancement. We haven’t been able to conceive of where some of these new ideas will go.

Written by Frederick Jace

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