The Best Fishing Games On The Market

The Best Fishing Games On The Market

For those fishing fanatics out there, sitting on the gentle banks of the shore with a rod in hand and bait drifting in the calm waters is one of the most relaxing hobbies for you to experience. This much-loved hobby has been a staple for centuries, and with the development of technology and gaming, it’s now possible to experience this pastime from the comfort of your home!

Fishing has been incorporated into many free roam games as a side action or minigame, but also features in PC, console, casino and slot games. This is often as the main function of the game, many times acting as a simulator to allow the player to get a feel for what fishing is actually like, or experience an alternate take on it.

Although some of the games use fishing as the main element, other games use fishing motifs and themes rather than the activity itself, such as the Fishin’ Frenzy slot, which uses piscine imagery and symbols within slots to give the player an overall nautical experience. In comparison, games like Fishing: Barents Sea, Let’s Fish: Sport Fishing Games and Fishing Simulator allow the gamer to experience fishing firsthand in a number of different environments for a unique playing experience.

There are a variety of fishing games falling under both categories. Below features a list of some of the best games which incorporate fishing as the main objective.

Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour

A game that invites you to be the best pro-fisher out there, Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour gives the player a very realistic fishing experience. Available to play on the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC, the game has different playing options, including a career mode and the opportunity to participate in fishing tournaments with other players.

There are many species of fish you’re able to catch in the game. Each species has its own AI, making the behaviour of each species as similar to the real-life counterpart as possible. A lot of the fish also ‘fight’ when being reeled out of the water, enhancing the playing experience through the realism of movement.

With this game you’ll have a truly authentic fishing experience and feel as though you could compete with Scott Martin himself!

Ultimate Fishing Simulator

A comprehensive fishing game allowing for you to fish in different areas of the world, Ultimate Fishing Simulator is a simulator that allows for quick-playing, so you don’t have to wait hours for the fish to bite. You can choose your own rods, reels, bait and the game even gives you the option of deciding what you want to do when the fish has been caught by selling, stuffing, or releasing them!

This game is not slow or dull by any stretch of the imagination and allows the player to have a more exciting experience when catching fish.

Fishing Planet

A game available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, Fishing Planet is one of the most immersive fishing gaming experiences out there. So much so that it incorporates waiting times when participating in the fishing activity, much like people encounter in real life.

With a wide variety of fish to capture, this heavily detailed game would make the most authentic fishing experience outside of actual fishing – especially for those wanting to use this game to learn how to fish in real life!

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