Optimize value-based care with Cerner EHR

Optimize value-based care with Cerner EHR

Cerner EHR mainly aims at rewarding providers for the outcomes rather than focusing on the volume of services. Cerner’s products are not only restricted to hospitals and other multispecialty health centers; but also caters to small, single-doctor offices as well.

Let’s have a look at how Cerner works towards providing the best patient care service.

Cerner EHR and cybersecurity

The demand for healthcare cybersecurity has increased drastically over the last year since there has been an increasing number of healthcare providers and technical EMR consultants. A safe cybersecurity posture is an imperative part of maintaining the highest quality care and working operations effectively. A recent report by Cerner indicates that the healthcare providers are the most targeted sector for cybercrimes, having 79% of all reports being breached.

 “Approximately 500 providers were breached in the year 2020, affecting over 16.5 million patients,” – Cerner

Cerner greatly emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity. Cerner has maintained its standards for fighting cybersecurity within the EMR space by implementing the following security measures:

Endpoint detection and response:

EDR also known as endpoint detection and response allows the health care organization to protect their assets. EDR cuts the time between finding, investigating, and responding to cyberattacks via 24/7 monitoring of endpoint and network events. EDR manages to find a single component of the attack and links it to the pieces of information that unravel the entire campaign. Cerner added EDR to its platform in 2019 and updated it to avoid further cyberattacks and maintain its up-to-date cybersecurity.

Cerner and fortified health security:

Cerner partnered with cybersecurity leader, Fortified Health Security in April 2020. As a result, there was a much more secure, comprehensive approach to cybersecurity provided to healthcare providers. Due to this collaboration, Cerner provides tools to identify cyber threats and offer security services, for instance, vulnerability threat management, ongoing assessment, and mitigation, 24/7 security operation centers and event monitoring, security awareness training, etc.

The incorporation of EDR in Cerner and partnership with Fortified Health Security are just some ways through which Cerner guarantees the best value-based patient care.

Cerner’s addition of EDR and partnership with Fortified Health Security are just a few ways that Cerner continues to provide the best value-based patient care.

Cerner offers tools to improve practice efficiency and patient care

Cerner provides a clinical documentation facility that brings about an effective change in your medical practice. Its approach to CDI links clinical documentation specialists (CDS), physicians, and coders in Care Millennium; executing high-quality documentation. These documentations reflect the care for proper reimbursement and eventually accurately support the diagnosis assigned. It allows you to focus on patients instead of being caught up in documenting data and charting. The real-time updates ensure accurate information.

When talking about the Cerner EMR reviews, their health analytic tools offer accurate treatment and diagnosis for their patients. In addition to this, it also provides a user portal for user’s convenience. It enables you to check lab results, edit personal information, check in online before visiting, and communicate with the providers efficiently.

Supports integration with other systems

Cerner EHR is known for its solutions that allow communities and people to engage in their health. It incorporates technology for constructing a healthier population. Cerner EHR offers better communication between the clinical and billing team. It also keeps a track of financial performances as well as retrieves and stores documents digitally. Furthermore, the feature of interoperability connects operational, clinical, and financial data using its Health Network Architecture.

Cerner improves patient engagement

Just like other consumer industries, patients today, expect to have a digital healthcare facility. An EHR system can improve effective communication with your patients. A digital practice allows the patients to be the most important aspect of their health journey. Cerner EHR’s patient communication system will enhance the consumer experience via bidirectional and automated messaging.

Before incorporating the system into your practice, you must know how to leverage their Consumer Framework to customize a digital front door that works well for your patients via Cerner. It is important to understand how patient engagement applications will assist in filling up the gaps that may occur in your patient engagement strategy.

Customer support during and after implementation

To generate a complex Health IT system is a multi-step process. For this to happen you need to have a team of experts belonging to different departments. During the Cerner EHR demo, it is essential to ask what sort of assistance the vendor will provide to implement their product efficiently. What capacity the Cerner support will deliver to help you improve turnaround times for issue resolution, enhance your overall user experience and free your clinical staff for other high-value tasks.

Cerner adopts a user-centric approach across the care continuum. Hence it is important to ask the vendor on explaining how their support staff will help you with tasks such as project planning, business intelligence, long-term adoption, and activation, etc.

Summing it up

To conclude, Cerner solution is known for its recognized innovation since it provides clinicians in making authentic care decisions. Cerner health information technologies unify people, information, and systems at more than 18,000 facilities worldwide. Furthermore, the company offers a unified clinical and financial system to help health care organizations to work successfully on their revenue, along with other services to sync with client’s clinical, financial, and operational needs. The focal aim of Cerner is to be a part of the systemic enhancement of health care delivery and adequate health of communities.

An EMR demo is essential when it comes to determining how well software can cater to your practice requirements. If you are thinking of considering Cerner then opting for the Cerner EMR demo is a wise choice. By evaluating the demo, you will have a clear image of whether this solution will be best for you and your medical facility or not.

Healthcare practices need to have an EHR system that offers to share patient records seamlessly and store information in a systematic, organized format. CMS and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) have specific standards and criteria that EHRs should use to earn government-based incentives. Thus the EMR you opt for must align with all the regulated standards.

Note: Cerner EMR pricing can be obtained via contacting the vendor.

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