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Pilot Supplies and Tools that a Beginner Pilot needs

Pilot Supplies

Done with your flight school and gearing up for your practice session?

Then, there are some handy tools, essentials, and pilot supplies you need to have for your journey as a pilot. Although, some of them are already available in the cockpit of your flight.

While you are on board, having all the right supplies and tools within reach of hand helps make the whole process simpler. In addition, you do not have to worry about anything such as communication and emergency equipment when you are high up above the ground. Therefore, here are a few pilot supplies that I have gathered which would be helpful in your flight trip.

You must have already used these items when you are in flight school. The only change is that you have to practically use those stuff in the cockpit rather than simulation. And if you are wondering how to find all these pilot supplies at an affordable rate, just search for Fallon Pilot Shop online or at their physical store. It is a one-stop solution where you can buy any of your pilot and aviation essentials.


You can get various log books like the professional logbook, crew logbook, standard logbook, and logbook accessories from the Fallon Pilot Shop.

A good logbook is a necessary pilot supply to keep records of flight trips. Having a log is also in compliance with the FAA recordkeeping regulations for the pilots.

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Fuel Testers

One of the most significant components that an aircraft must always have in stock is the fuel tester. Because the pilot and the aviator must continuously test the fuel gauge of the aircraft before every take-off. One must ensure that the aircraft’s fuel is high-quality, even type, and has the required quantity for the trip completion. At our mentioned pilot shop, you can get both the fuel gauge and fuel tester at very competitive pricing.


A good kneeboard is a must-have supply for every pilot as they have to continuously use an iPad while on-board. You can get varieties of good quality kneeboards at our online pilot shop compatible with iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad Mini 4, iPad Mini, iPad Air, etc. You can also get an iPad rotating kneeboard by ASA.

Flight Bags

Flight bags are something that every pilot or flight attendant possesses. It contains all the essentials and emergency stuff of that particular pilot. Flight bags have different compartments designed to fit various needs like electronics, sunglasses, flashlights, notepads, etc. You can also get some accessories for the flight bag to make it distinguishable.


Now, you may think that a portable GPS system is not that significant a pilot supply. However, although all the aircraft have their own in-built GPS system, it does no harm to keep a handy GPS system. Unfortunately, it will be of great use if there is any flight mishap or non-functioning of the electronic tools available in the cockpit. So, if you, too, wish to keep with you a GPS at hand, know that it is somewhat expensive.


We create a checklist of pilot supplies, and not include a headset in the aviation list would be completely wrong. As pilots are operating high up in the air, headsets are a must-have supply for the safety of their hearing capabilities. In our Fallon Pilot Shop, you can get one of the best quality brand headsets that offer different functions. You can be used for various aviation practices, be it recreational flying or professional civil flying. Since headsets are a necessary pilot supply, you can also get an extra headset bag personally.


We all see pilots and other flight captains wearing sunglasses and looking all cool. But there is a much better reason for wearing sunglasses at that height. When the aircraft is high up in the clouds, they are much near the sun and are exposed to harmful sun rays and light effects. The pilot sunglasses are non-polarized that allows the wearer to get a better view of their surroundings. It also allows the pilot to get better readings of the equipment as it reduces the anti-glare effects of the screen.

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Of course, pilots use kneeboards to strap their iPad or other devices to their thighs. But, they also use mounts to secure the devices from falling around when using. Many types of mounts can be used in flights, such as RAM mounts and YOKE mounts. But, you can still not use the same kind of mount in different areas or panels of the cockpit and other aircraft. All the props may look identical, but there are minor differences when it comes to mounting dimensions, buttons, and screen compatibility layout. Using mounts to view the devices is more convenient for pilots as they can easily view the required aeronautical charts, memos, etc.

Written by Danish JG

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