Planning a summer move in Dubai? Here is what you need to know 

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The summers are possibly the worst but also the best time to move. Yes, quite confusing but also true. There are ample furniture movers in Dubai available to help you move during the summertime. The weather is hot but bright, which makes for a fun shifting day for many people in the city. In a nutshell, some like to shift during summer, and some have to because of uncertain aspects. 

Whatever the case, here are a couple of tips you can follow to make your summer moving experience as breezy as possible. 

  • Don’t hesitate to ask for a help

If there is a lot to move on, you can always ask for help from your friends and neighbor. However, if you need professional help for moving items like large couches and chest of drawers, you can also choose to go for furniture movers in Dubai. They are probably the best help you can find and need, especially if it’s a warm sunny day and you don’t want to make your moving experience a sweaty one. You move the small things with your friend and allow a furniture mover to do the rest. In fact, some movers dismantle and reinstall, so win-win for you. 

  • Don’t stress it out 

The biggest mistake any mover makes is stressing too much. Not eating, and forgetting to stay hydrated, are things that can make you sick, and you don’t want to be sick. So, eat in moderation, drink enough fluids, and overall, just enjoy the experience. It is also important that you take breaks at necessary intervals. If you have planned your move, you should include breaks in them. Don’t try to push through while ultimately will lead to an evening of migraine you don’t want. 

  • Sanitize and keep a safe distance 

If you choose professional furniture movers in Dubai, they should have a sanitization plan in place. But, you should do your round of sanitization too. Start by sanitizing the ones you are going to carry and keep them separate. Following sanitize every piece of furniture. Once the movers arrive, check if they are thoroughly equipped to move your belongings. From masks to kits, they should have everything on them that makes the moving experience less risky. After reaching the destination, let the movers sanitize your belongings. Once they are done, you too sanitize before starting to uncover. In a line – sanitization before and after for maximum protection. When the movers are in your house, try to stay as far as possible. 

  • Get a quote – online 

Don’t wait for an offline negotiation at the end of the moving process. Do it the smart way and fix it on a budget before the moving process starts. Professional movers have a fixed rate for certain criteria of items, but you can bargain online or on the phone to come to a mutually decided amount. Once the budget is done, start moving -not before that. This saves a ton of time and unnecessary headaches.  


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