Preschool curriculum in Singapore

Preschool curriculum in Singapore

Preschool curriculum approach has a decisive role in the further intellectual and social development of the child. That’s why it’s important to tailor a preschool learning schedule that would instill core values and build basic skills and knowledge in kids through fun hands-on activities that foster analytic thinking, creativity and encourage positive social interactions. Read on to know what makes Singapore preschools curriculum so efficient.

Hands-on classes

Practical classes play a major role in Singapore preschool programmes. During such classes kids get the chance to create and experiment on their own, which helps them grasp the inner workings of certain phenomena much easier. Teachers use technology-enabled toys to explain mechanics and physics in an easy and fun way. The little scientists are exposed to engaging tasks and experiments that improve their creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Kids that attend a preschool with a curriculum focused on arts can also enjoy practical classes where they craft art pieces, paint, act, play musical instruments and learn the basics of the dancing art.

Bilingualism and cultural awareness

Leading Singapore preschools place a strong emphasis on language learning, trying to introduce kids to a bilingualism-driven environment and encourage them to accept other ethnic groups and cultures present in Singapore. They will experience a parallel language acquisition of English and Chinese (or Malay). The bilingual competences they get will give them more mobility in the Singapore society as grown-ups and help them make friends and social connections easier. At the same time, knowing more than one language will make their brain more flexible and sharp.

Moral values

The character building programme is one the cornerstones of a preschool curriculum in Singapore. It aims at instilling the core moral values in kids, such as responsibility, honesty and respect for others. They learn them through role play, fun games, discussions, as well as daily activities. For example, queuing up to wash hands cultivates both responsibility and respect for others.

Social-emotional skills

A Singapore preschool curriculum necessarily involves classes that aim at developing kids’ social-emotional skills. The ability to interact with other people is the key to success nowadays. That’s why kids learn positive social behavior patterns from early ages to ensure they don’t get lost and marginalized as grown-ups. The programme involves activities intending to make children socially aware and induce compassion, empathy and care. It can be role play or a scenario told by the teacher where the kids have to come with morally and socially acceptable solutions. It can also be a team task where little ones have to work together to reach a common goal. This will make them more collaborative, friendly and open to compromise, while making them understand the importance of mutual help.

Physical activity

In order for the kids to develop properly, they need much physical activity that goes hand in hand with brain training. In Singapore early childhood facilities, much attention is paid to outdoor activities where children can play, develop their motor skills, and explore the nature while respiting from the indoor tasks.

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