What to Know About the Favorites in FIBA 3×3 World Cup

What to Know About the Favorites in FIBA 3x3 World Cup

Top Favorites in the FIBA 3X3 Europe Cup 2021

As the FIBA cup is about to start, we have some teams that we feel are the best contenders. Fans always have their favorites. Let’s look at the top contenders in this competition on the championship league table.

The FIBA Europe Cup is played on a half-court with three players on the court and one on the bench. It is always intense and filled with a lot of skillful plays. Due to the limited area of play, players have to showcase their best passes, dribbles, and shots. Anything less than best isn’t good enough in this European basketball championship.

Players in this competition are usually seasoned professionals and are the people’s favorites, they are those fans who want to watch and show off their skills. Kate Richardson is a punter that pays a lot of attention to the FIBA Cup. She has an expert opinion on the teams that are expected to perform exceptionally. You can view Kate Richardson’s profile here.

More about the FIBA 3X3 Europe Cup 2021

Social media has been talking about the upcoming competitions, and because of the way this game is played, the focus is on the players that are carefully selected to participate in this game. The 3 players have to be the best and nothing less.

The favorites in this competition are those that have proven to be exceptional at what they do, and they have the best players selected to compete in this competition. Without further delay, let’s dive into the details about the top favorites of both the male and female categories for this basketball European championship.

Top Favorites in the Female Category of the FIBA Cup

  • France: They are on top of this list. They dominated the women’s series in 2019, and won the FIBA 3×3 Europe Cup of 2018 and 2019. They are a force to reckon with and are expected to impress us with classic plays in this season as well.
  • Laetitia Guapo is the star of this French basketball team, and she has all eyes on her waiting for her to perform exceptionally in this current season.
  • The Netherlands: the stars of this team are Jill and Loyce Bettonvil, they have one of the best teams in this competition and are also expected to be outstanding in this competition.
  • Japan: Mai Yamamoto is the star of this team. She is popularly known for her quick steps on the basketball court. They also have Graz as the focus of this team, she won the first-ever world title in basketball for Japan in 2019 at the FIBA 3×3 World Cup.
  • Italy: The top player on this team is Rae Lin D’Alie. She got the MVP award at the event in 2018 when Italy won the 3×3 World Cup. Italy is one of the most feared teams in the 3×3 competition, and there is a high chance that they could win this competition.
  • Hungary: The team is highly respected, and it is bringing its four ranked players to the 3×3 event. The star of this team is Cyesha Goree, she is ranked 26th in the world’s best players right now.
  • USA: The star of this team is Kelsey Plum. She has exceptional basketball teams and can successfully lead the team to success. They have players from the WNBA representing them in the 3×3 competition. To learn more, click here.
  • Australia: The Australian team has proven themselves to be a force to be reckoned with after their total dominance of the 2019 women series, where they won 100% of the matches they played in.

Top Favorites in the Male Category

  • USA: The FIBA competition in 2019 was won by the USA team, and they are the fans’ general favorite. The team consists of the likes of Canyon Barry, Robbie Hummel, and Disco Domo. The Americans have been dominating the basketball games in all competitions and are expected to dominate this competition as well.
  • Slovenia: the star of this team is Simon Finzgar, he is experienced in this competition and can successfully bring his team to victory. The team has 6 medal trophies.
  • Latvia: amongst the top 11 players in the world, this team has 4 that would be representing them in this competition; this is a piece of very pressuring information for opponents. The chances of Latvia winning the competition are high. Nauris Miezis is the star of this competition.
  • Lithuania: they are led by Aurelijus Pukelis, who was amongst the bronze team in the 2019 team. They also have the world tour 2020 Most Spectacular Player in the person of Ignas Vaitkus. These players are expected to help bring this team to victory.
  • France: the team has had their female team dominating the women’s series. The male has also been doing excellently, they were the 2019 silver medalists. Their star player is Charly Pontens supported by Raphael Wilson and Antoine Eito.
  • Poland: their chances of winning this competition are also very high, they have the 64th player in the world and he is supported by less experienced players. Their performance in the 2019 FIBA 3×3 Europe cup was commendable after they won the bronze medal in the competition. To learn more, click here.

Paying Attention to Top favorites in the Competition

The teams with fans paying a lot of attention to them are punters’ favorite because they prove to perform to satisfaction and would give the punter’s higher chances of winning their bets. To bet on these teams, check out the best basketball betting sites.


The teams we have talked about in this write-up have proven to be special amongst other competitors, and we expect these teams to keep performing to expectations and win medals in the FIBA 3×3 Europe Cup.

We have talked about both the male and female categories. It is to be noted that even though the female could be among the favorites, the male might be missing in its section.

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