Present Your Content in a Visually Pleasing Way with Infographics

Present Your Content in a Visually Pleasing Way with Infographics

The term Infographics is a combination of two words “info” meaning data and “graphic” meaning images of pictures. Your clients will not have the patience to go through texts in multiple slides and some relevant information may get overshadowed by irrelevant data.

Using Templates to Create Stunning Infographics

You first need to understand the main objective of your presentation. If you are planning to show hierarchy then you might need to make use of infographics on that theme.

Infographic templates can be used and downloaded from many online sites such as These templates come with placeholder features and make use of multiple contents to make your presentation look authentic and professional. You can make a relatable story with images, graphs, flowcharts that are sure to capture the attention of your audience.

You can either add infographics with in-built templates or start from scratch. If you plan on working with an in-built one, you just need to insert your content into the placeholders and work on your presentation. If your content is too large, you can create different content or truncate words or sentences to fit into the placeholders.

Ensure that your fonts are consistent throughout your infographics. You can use a different font to highlight titles or relevant information. To make your presentation appealing to the audience, you can even make use of icons. If your content has sales figures or statistical data, you can make use of data widgets. In the case of blank templates, the process remains the same. The only difference is you need to add your content blocks to the blank templates and work.

Adding the Right Infographic to your Deck

Certain basic steps can help make your infographics more effective and give out the right message to your audience:

  • Understand your target audience
  • Know what to expect from your infographics
  • Have your data and resources ready
  • Know where to use text and images
  • Make a wireframe of your infographic topic

First and foremost, you need to know your target audience. Is it an informal presentation or a formal one? This can help set the tone for your infographics. You can select the theme, colors, and visuals that would go into your infographics.

Secondly, what is that you are trying to convey from your infographics? Are you stating facts or showing results? Keep your data and other information handy to incorporate into your infographics. Ensure to cite your sources or link from where you have collected the data from.

The next step would be to understand which part of your presentation would require you to insert graphs, flowcharts, or charts. When it comes to text, you need to set the right tone. In the case of business presentations, the information needs to be formal, short, and crisp.

The last step would be to write a copy of your infographic and create a wireframe around it. You can break your content into sections and then organize these based on the topics you would be talking about.


Ensure that you review your presentation before mailing or presenting to your audience. The flow of information should be consistent and the theme and color must be aligned with your content.

Written by Enaa Mari

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