Funky Furniture Ideas For Modern Homes

Purchasing a Fully Furnished Home
Purchasing a Fully Furnished Home

Furniture is integral to interior design, but who says it has to be strictly practical? Whilst most opt for traditional furnishings, others prefer to make bold statements and express their unique artistic visions. 

Funky furniture was created by and for unique personalities with a keen interest in unconventional styles and aesthetics – it’s all about originality and eccentricity. 

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5 Funky Furniture Ideas

1. Quirky Chair Designs 

The Ball Chair designed by Eeo Aarnio is an iconic and trendy furniture piece known for its unconventional yet simple ball shape, fit for a futuristic Mod 60s aesthetic. 

Nature-inspired Christian Flindt designed the Orchid Chair – a bold statement piece perfect for a modern home. 

2. Funky Beds 

Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to interior design and furnishings, and beds are no exception. 

Funky bed designs are notably beloved by children; from pirate ships to race cars, their imagination never rests. They’re a great way to express a child’s interests and personality. 

But it doesn’t end there. There are a variety of unique and gravity-defying bed designs perfect for adults too:

Lago’s Fluttua is the world’s first suspended bed and a great space saver. The Lomme is a sleek and luxurious egg-shaped bed complete with additional features, including an alarm clock, a massaging viscoelastic memory foam mattress, and a special control unit. 

3. Innovative Lounger 

The Paper Lounger designed by Molo is a striking furniture piece perfect for that unique look. 

Its integral honeycomb-shaped structure and design allow it to be surprisingly sturdy and completely flexible so you can shape it to fit your needs. Aptly named, it’s made from recycled structured paper or textile, making it 100% eco-friendly. 

4. Statement Sofas

A sofa is a centrepiece in any living space so why not make it a showstopping one and add personality to your home. 

The Cross Sofa designed by Elvis Pennetuzzo is ideal for modern homes with a minimalist aesthetic. Composed of 4 cross-shaped pieces attached like a puzzle, it’s a versatile and eye-catching piece.

Stefano Grasselli’s Tetris Sofa adds a touch of nostalgia and joy to any space, and the iconic Bocca Sofa designed by Studio 65 for Heller resembles a mouth and is a statement piece like no other. 

5. Tables with Character

There are a plethora of funky table designs bound to amaze guests at dinner parties: 

Essey’s Grand Illusion is a floating table resembling a draped tablecloth. 

The Blooming Flower designed by Fatih Can Sarioz was designed to resemble a full flower when compacted which opens to reveal a table and seating. It’s perfect for quirky individuals who want a funky table design to complement their quirky style. 

Final thoughts

Funky furniture will never go out of style but will instead continue to evolve alongside contemporary trends and aesthetics. Blurring the lines between art and furniture is a fantastic way to add character and personality to an otherwise mundane living space with minimal effort. 

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