5 Mistakes Everyone Makes While Puppy Raising

Are you thinking about raising a puppy?

Rescuing puppies and giving them a loving home is an excellent opportunity to learn about caring for animal life. Caring for a dog can teach you how to be a responsible pet owner, a handy skill for the future!

However, dog training is more work than you may have realized. Read on to learn about these common puppy-raising mistakes to avoid while bringing up your new furry friend.

Be prepared before you begin this exciting and hectic stage of your life. Let’s get into it!

1. Failing to Establish a Consistent Plan For House-Training

If you establish and stick to a plan, your puppy will become more relaxed and relaxed. You best know how to reward your dogs when they complete a specific task.

If you do not do this, you risk your dog becoming frustrated and developing bad habits. Make sure that everyone that cares for your puppy is consistent in following the plan. Otherwise, they will be less likely to learn to go outside independently. 

2. Failing to Socialize Your Puppy Early On

Socializing your puppy during the first three months of their life will help them become more accustomed to people and different environments. It teaches them that those around them will not hurt them.

It is also necessary for puppies to learn to trust and accept new people. Puppies who are not sufficiently socialized before 16 weeks of life can be slightly more fearful of new surroundings, which can cause them to react with no warning.

3. Overfeeding Your Puppy

Overfeeding can lead to obesity, and this can have numerous long-term health issues. If dogs consume more calories than they expend, they will be more likely to become overweight. It can lead to:

  • Orthopedic issues
  • Heart disease
  • Increased risk of certain cancers

Furthermore, ensure that you are following recommended feeding guidelines and portion sizes when feeding them. To control weight, measure the food rather than free-feeding them as it can be easy to amplify them if you are not careful. You can also give an all-natural food supplement like Bernies Perfect Poop for ultimate digestion support for dogs.

4. Allowing the Puppy Too Much Freedom Too Soon

Allowing a puppy to get away with something early on can lead to behavioral issues. In addition, giving the puppy too much privilege can create a challenging environment to maintain consistent house rules.

It is why you need to establish boundaries early on and not give in to the puppy’s potential misbehavior. Remember that remaining consistent is key in puppy training to ensure a nurturing environment.

5. Mismanaging Potty Training

Puppy Training is perfect for new dog owners and ideal for dogs aged 7-16 weeks, depending on the circumstances. Making mistakes while teaching them is easy, especially when managing potty training.

Also, it would help if you created a consistent and reliable potty routine for your pup. Remember to remain patient, as this takes time and consistency. Remember that puppies are still learning, and mistakes will inevitably happen.

Top Mistakes to Avoid While Puppy Raising

Puppy raising can be an exciting but overwhelming experience. New puppy owners should always research to understand better the unique needs and behaviors of the specific breed they choose.

While you can quickly correct any mistake, it’s best to be prepared to avoid them when possible. If you’re facing a difficult moment, remember to seek help from experienced trainers and vets. 

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