The Most Popular Colors and Designs for Custom Washi Tape

The Most Popular Colors and Designs for Custom Washi Tape

Custom washi tape has taken the stationery and crafting world by storm.The beauty of washi tape is that no two rolls are the same, making each design unique. However, with so many options available, choosing the perfect custom washi tape can be overwhelming.

We’ll take a deep dive into creating acrylic keychains featuring custom washi tape designs, and showcase some examples that will inspire you to create your own masterpieces. By the end of this article, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to create stunning custom washi tape designs that reflect your personal style.

Why Custom Washi Tape is Trending

Custom washi tape has become a popular trend lately, and for good reason. This Japanese paper tape is not only versatile and functional, but it also adds a personal touch to any project or packaging. With the rise of DIY culture and personalization, custom washi tape has become a staple in the crafting community.

The beauty of custom washi tape lies in its flexibility. It can be used for various purposes such as labeling, decorating, scrapbooking, gift wrapping, and more. Moreover, it’s easy to customize your own designs or logos to fit your brand or showcase your creativity.

Colors that Pop: The Best Hue Combo

Choosing the right color combination for your custom washi tape can make a huge difference in the overall appeal of your product. The perfect hue combo can add depth, texture, and vibrancy to any design. So, what are the best colors to use for custom washi tape?

A popular combination is black and white with a pop of color. This classic look is simple but effective in making your design stand out. Another great option is combining complementary colors like blue and orange or purple and yellow. These combinations create a bold contrast that is sure to catch the eye. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades and hues until you find the perfect mix that reflects your brand or personal style.

Adding metallic accents like gold or silver can also add an extra level of elegance and sophistication to your custom washi tape design. Metallics are versatile and complement most colors well, making them a great choice for any project.

Ultimately, choosing the best hue combo for your custom washi tape comes down to personal preference and what works best for your brand or project theme. Take some time to explore different color combinations and find one that pops!

Showcasing Your Style With Unique Designs

One of the best things about custom washi tape is the ability to showcase your unique style through personalized designs. Whether you’re aiming for a vintage look or something more modern, there are endless possibilities for creating custom patterns and illustrations that reflect your personality.

The process of designing your own washi tape can be a fun and rewarding experience. You can experiment with different colors, shapes, and textures to create a design that truly stands out. Plus, with the rise of digital design tools and platforms, it’s easier than ever to create professional-looking designs from the comfort of your home.

If you’re not feeling confident in your artistic abilities, there are many talented designers who specialize in creating custom washi tape designs. Some companies even offer free design consultations to help bring your vision to life. The options are endless when it comes to showcasing your style through unique washi tape designs!

Tips for the Perfect Custom Washi Tape Acrylic Keychain

Creating your own custom washi tape acrylic keychain is a fun and easy DIY project that also makes a great gift. Here are some tips to ensure your keychains turn out perfectly:

First, choose high-quality washi tape with a strong adhesive. This will ensure that your design stays in place and doesn’t peel off over time. When cutting the tape, use sharp scissors or an X-Acto knife for clean edges.

Next, make sure to remove any air bubbles from the tape as you adhere it to the acrylic keychain base. You can do this by running a credit card or other flat object over the tape as you stick it down.

When it comes to designing your keychain, think outside the box! Experiment with layers of different colors and patterns, or try cutting shapes out of the tape for added dimension. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Finally, seal your design with a coat of clear nail polish or another type of sealant. This will protect your custom washi tape acrylic keychain from wear and tear and help keep it looking great for years to come.

Examples of Custom Washi Tape Acrylic Keychains

If you’re looking for inspiration for your custom washi tape acrylic keychain designs, there are plenty of examples to draw from. One popular approach is to create a keychain that features a colorful and eye-catching geometric pattern. The simple shapes and bold colors make for a striking design that’s sure to stand out wherever you go.

Another option is to incorporate your favorite quotes or phrases into your custom washi tape acrylic keychains. Whether it’s an inspirational saying, a funny quip, or a personal mantra, having it on display as part of your everyday carry can be a great reminder to stay positive and focused throughout the day.


Custom washi tape offers endless possibilities for expressing your creativity and individuality. From bold and bright color combinations to unique designs that showcase your personal style, the options are truly limitless. With a little bit of imagination and some guidance from these tips, you can create the perfect custom washi tape for any occasion. So why not give it a try and add a touch of personal flair to your everyday life? Who knows, you may just discover a new passion for creating artful accessories that are sure to impress anyone who sees them!

Written by Enaa Mari

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