Quick and Easy Meal Ideas for the Summer

With summer just around the corner, it is time to break out your finest summer threads and your most exciting tunes to enjoy the sunny season. At the same time, you have to make preparations in the culinary department to have refreshing meals that don’t weigh you down every day.

Doing so is easier said than done. But it is still achievable when you know exactly what steps to take. This not only provides you with the nutrition you need under the hot weather but also gives you the time you require to relax through it.

To assist you during this delicious adventure, here are quick and easy meal ideas for the summer ahead.

Put Together Some Burgers

When you think of the summer, the thought of tasting freshly-grilled meat under the sun is enough to make your mouth water. Since you can make simple burgers without putting yourself through the grind, they also stand out due to the easy level of skill they require from your end.

From finding the best barbecue charcoal to taking care of vegetarian options, you just have to take care of a few aspects before firing up the grill. Once you have gotten everything together, you can even invite your social circle and make a small backyard event out of this wonderful meal.

Make Fruit Salads

Fruit salads translate into easy yet refreshing recipes that can be taken as lunch, an evening snack, or even a late-night craving buster. By grabbing seasonal fruits in your area, cutting them into cubes, and serving them in a glass bowl, you can have an excellent sweet treat at your hand that everyone would love.

If you want to make this meal more special, you may invest in a food jar set that makes your delicious fruit salad ready for transport. From there, you can arrange a little walk in the park to enjoy your chilled fruit during the summer evening.

Prepare a Cranberry Salad

Cranberries might be the last thought on your mind in the summer. But once you get your hands on this Thanksgiving staple through dried or frozen variants, you may find that its tart sweetness goes exceptionally well with the warm notes of the season.

You can go for a mix of goat cheese, apple, and head lettuce as the main ingredients for your salad. If you want to add a bit more zest, you can also choose goat cheese with cranberry from the market. Mix these ingredients with apple cider, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil. Pour some salt and black pepper on top, and you have got yourself a winner.

Cook Grilled Chicken with Apricot

While planning to get vitamin D this summer, you cannot go wrong with the unconventional yet flavorful mix of grilled chicken with apricot. For this meal idea, you can grill your chicken with some extra spice and use an apricot puree to glaze it up. This provides you with an excellent bite for the summer season.

In order to spruce up this simple meal further, try having it with some yeast rolls. As an alternative, you can also whip up a gluten-free roll mix to enjoy a side of bread with this protein-packed offering. You can also serve white wine with the meal for an extra kick.

Baked Salmon With Tropical Fruits

Salmon is great for your mental health and physical wellbeing alike. But apart from being a healthy fish to eat, it also makes for a delectable meal when paired with the right ingredients. In this case, the ingredients are pineapple rings, chili sauce, and sesame seed oil. You may also substitute pineapple for other tangy fruits of your choice.

After caramelizing the food with chili sauce, salt, pepper, and sesame seed oil, you may add your salmon to the mix and cook it to perfection. For added flavor, you may use some ginger as well. If finding fresh salmon is a hassle for you, you may order a sockeye salmon online.

By taking these recipes into account and playing around with the main ingredients, you can enjoy these flavor profiles in various ways. This provides you with more than a few reasons to look forward to the summer, while also getting full points on your meals.

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