What is the best barbecue charcoal?

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It has created a guide to help you choose the best charcoal for your barbecue. The moment of the grill is a magical moment, all the necessary barbecue charcoal, meat, friends, or family are collected and the food is cooked. However, for the success of the grill, you need not only quality meat but also the right equipment and the right charcoal. With poor quality or unsuitable charcoal you risk turning the fun of grilling into a stressful time, the charcoal can go out or wear out too quickly and you risk ruining the taste of your food.

Before talking about charcoal it is necessary to make 3 major distinctions: charcoal briquettes, artisanal charcoal, and industrial charcoal. What are charcoal briquettes? The charcoal briquettes are pressed coal dust has the advantage of being shaped and have a regular shape, they are cheaper and burn longer. Unfortunately, a binder is used to keep the coal dust bound and it is not always a natural product. They also take longer to ignite, produce a lot of ash and generate less heat. Since they consume very slowly and develop less heat, they are a good solution for slow and indirect cooking. What is artisanal charcoal?

Artisanal coal is obtained from the very slow combustion of wood and the lack of oxygen. Combustion that varies from 15 to 20 days and creates a pure carbon with high carbon content.

Types of Charcoal

This is the ideal charcoal for making your perfect barbecue! What is industrial charcoal? Industrial coal is obtained through the use of industrial furnaces in this way the coal is ready in a few days. It is cheap but the coal is of poor quality, it burns quickly, creates a lot of sparks, and runs out quickly. What’s the best-handcrafted charcoal? Well, now we know that for the barbecue it is ideal to use artisanal charcoal especially because it is the most natural and environmentally friendly solution.

However, there are many types of charcoal and the best for a perfect barbecue is definitely lumpwood charcoal. The charcoal produced in different countries is entirely eco-sustainable and is considered among the best charcoals for grilling as it can reach temperatures over 500 degrees and is consumed very slowly, in addition, it produces a pleasant smell that aromatizes the meat.

If used carefully it can also be used for slow cooking.

Its only flaw is the higher cost, however, the perfect grill is guaranteed. Conclusion There are numerous lump wood charcoals, for us at planet conversation is the best versatile and eco-sustainable.

Coal for grilling: industrial and artisan which is better?

Coal production is divided into two large sections: artisanal and industrial. The first, carried out in the old-style charcoal pits, gives greater satisfaction because better coal is obtained. Getting this coal is not child’s play. Quite the contrary. It is an ancient and rare method, now reserved for a precious niche. The result of this process is excellent quality coal that has nothing to do with that produced in industrial furnaces.

Charcoal for grilling: how handcrafted charcoal is born

From the choice of wood to the composition of the “scarazzi” (sheaves of stacked wood), up to the creation of lump wood charcoals: this is what the few families involved in the sector do. The best charcoal is obtained with this method and using holm oak wood and comes from active charcoal pits.

“To make lasting charcoal, following the artisan tradition, it is necessary to carefully choose the pieces of wood and separate them according to their diameter- the structure must build by hand, covered with damp straw, and then added with earth. This is a natural but slow procedure that requires a lot of patience. For about twenty days the process must follow with care, the combustion requires maximum control and for this reason, even at night; the workers take turns to ensure the success of the carbonization. We must pay attention to the winds: if too much air enters, it burns and everything runs out. If there is a little reaction; there is a risk that it will extinguish and the charcoal pit has to be redone”.

The color of the smoke indicates the “state of health”; based on this the charcoal-burner force to feed further or reduce the fire inside for optimal cooking. Just a moment of distraction or a wrong assessment and fifteen days of work can literally go up in smoke.


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