Ready to Bloom: 5 Ways to Build Your Landscaping Business

5 Money Management Tips For Small Business Owners

Landscaping companies are one of those small businesses that never seem to go out of style. There are always houses, communities and commercial buildings that need reliable landscapers to keep their lawns, gardens and walkways pristine. You may have started your landscaping business as a one- or two-person crew, but now you’re ready to grow and become the go-to company for all your local business’ or homeowners’ landscaping needs. If you’re ready to take your company to the next step, here are five ways you can improve operations to grow.

Update Your Site and Social Media

Do you have a Google Business page and website fully optimized for SEO? Are there Facebook ads running for appropriate target audiences in your geographic region? Keywords, mobile optimization and accurate information on all your web pages should be top priority when it comes to promoting your landscaping business online. Hiring a freelance social media manager or web designer can help you get your strategy on track and begin attracting more clients. Make sure that you prioritize high-quality images and education. A weekly blog is a free and easy way to demonstrate your expertise and boost your site’s SEO.

Refine Your Niche

For small businesses that want to scale quickly, the fastest way to grow is by focusing on an area of specialty. Choose a market that’s both in-demand in your area and aligned closely with your skill set. This could be lawn care and sod installation, landscaping design and architecture, deck and patio construction or garden maintenance. You should also decide whether you want to market your business more toward residential or commercial landscaping. Each one has a different set of skills and target audience, and it’s easier to market to one group than be the go-to for everyone. Check out sod McAllen TX.

Optimize Your Fleet Management

You can improve your delivery and response times by optimizing your fleet. Make sure you buy the right vehicles for the job, and install technology that makes fleet management and driver experience top-notch. If you have any refrigerated assets, Reefer Monitoring Solutions is a cost-effective method of monitoring that can lead to more predictable delivery times. Fleet management software is also essential to assign workers to jobs and give clients real-time updates. With the right tools, you will always know exactly where a member of your crew is and even give them real-time updates on the best route to take to a job.

Be Transparent About Your Prices

Don’t pull the tactic of trying to entice more customers by requiring them to call in for a quote. Consumers today are more educated and spoiled for choice than ever before. They’ll easily be able to look up a local landscaping company and find out how much they charge for a particular service. Break down your general services on your website and their average price. Setting the right price comes down to your expertise and what you’re doing. You also have to do some research and see what your top competitors charge. Match their rates or go a bit lower if you can afford to do so.

Hire the Right Professionals

You might not have to go to college to be a good landscaper, but that doesn’t mean credentials and knowledge are irrelevant. Indeed, you need to hire reliable people you can trust. These shouldn’t be someone looking for an easy job or who needs to be instructed what to do step-by-step on every occasion. Hiring qualified landscapers costs a bit more, but the work they’ll do to help build your company’s reputation is invaluable.

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