Rules of Wearing Ankle Bracelets

Rules of Wearing Ankle Bracelets

Ankle bracelets or anklets are gorgeous pieces of jewelry to add to your trousseau. Wearing an anklet can take any simple outfit to next level of style in a matter of minutes. If your jewelry box is already jazzed up with few anklets, you are lucky enough. If you don’t have one, you are still lucky as you have got a chance to purchase this fine jewelry online.

However, to strike the right statement, wearing an anklet comes with certain rules. You can’t wear it randomly with any dress or on any occasion. To ensure you get the most out of this stunning piece of jewelry, follow the guidelines mentioned below.

Where to wear an ankle bracelet? Right or Left Ankle

This is a million-dollar that bewilders every mind. A lot of people are stuck in a quandary over whether to wear an ankle bracelet on the right ankle or left ankle? However, this is not a debatable issue; you can wear it on any ankle you want. As such, there is no hard and fast rule. But some people believe that anklets are presented as jewelry gifts from the groom’s side. Therefore, wearing an anklet in the left ankle shows marital status whereas on the right ankle it signifies the person’s sexual orientation. Although these are just assumptions, you have the freedom to wear them as you want.

What is the appropriate Positioning for Anklet?

The way you position your ankle bracelet can make or break your look. Here is the right way to position it:

  • Place your anklet on bare skin only. Wearing it on top of anything should be strictly avoided.
  • You rock your ankle look in any of the ways- wearing it loosely on ankles, wearing it gently on the top of feet, wearing it tightly above or below the ankle.

Some Common Rules to Remember when Wearing Anklet

  • Ankle bracelets work well with casual outfits. For other kinds of vibes, the gold anklet is suitable.
  • Anklets draw attention to your feet. So, get a good pedicure when you decide to wear an ankle bracelet.
  • Avoid wearing anklets to work as they may appear too casual.
  • Not all outfits compliment ankle bracelets. It looks flattering only with dresses that make your ankle parts visible such as miniskirts, capris, cropped pants, flaring culottes, cuffed jeans, leggings, shorts, and other mini dresses.
  • Ankle bracelets should be never worn with stockings or socks as they may not create the look you want.
  • When styling an anklet, you know the right time and place to wear it. It is appropriate to wear ankle bracelets to the beach, poolsides, summer cocktail parties, and while managing your everyday errands.
  • If you opting to wear double anklets, be sure to choose the ones having a slimmer profile.

Before you get your feet wet in this trend, understand the rules of styling it. An ankle bracelet is a stylish accessory that lets you flaunt your elegance in the most refined way. So, if you follow these simple rules, you can rock your look.

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