Why You Need To Install A Wifi Smoke Detector Pronto

Why You Need To Install A Wifi Smoke Detector Pronto

Accidental fire has to be one of the most dangerous catastrophes which can cause severe fatalities. It could be natural, could be human-made as well. One cannot even imagine how an accidental fire could burn an entire area just because of a minute unintentional mistake. And the sooner one can nip the cause of fire at the bud, the better. For that, first, you need to know and get alerted about the fire. The best way to get the warning of a fire through its initial smoke is by installing a smoke detector.

How A Smoke Detector Works

Whenever there is a fire, there will be smoke. As the name suggests, the moment the smoke reaches the smoke detector disrupting the current flow inside it, the alarm activates, alerting you about a possible fire. Whether the fire is a flaming fire or a smoldering one, you can identify that through the detector depending on its type and features. So, the type matters here.

Type Matters

Smoke alarms or smoke detectors are no new invention. People have been using it in their houses, offices, and other places for years. Although, the type of smoke detector has evolved and added new advanced features to it, time to time, to make the detector more powerful and expeditious. A wifi smoke detector can be called one such type with advanced features.

Wifi Smoke Detector

A smoke detector that works through your wifi connection in the house is something fascinating to think about. Such smoke detectors are easy to install but work super efficiently. You can always keep a check on it on your smartphone as these work mostly via an app. Wifi smoke detectors don’t require wires to connect and install. One has to place it on the ceiling and control it through the app. The detector itself alerts about any malfunction going on with it, when the battery is low or having issues, if the wifi connection is disrupted, and it also can do a regular check on itself and warn you about the problems if found any.

Difference Between Regular And Wifi Smoke Detector

The main difference between a regular smoke detector and a wifi smoke detector is that the former will have the alarm, but you will have to be present in the vicinity to hear it. However, with the wifi smoke detector, you can be anywhere, but the notification of the fire will reach you instantly through the app. That is how you can immediately take the necessary steps to solve the fire issue either by checking it or calling the professionals rather than someone informing you about the fire in your house hours later.

False Alarms

A wifi smoke detector also makes your life easy and saves you from embarrassing situations during false alarms. Not all smoke from the fire is fatal. Some could be due to silly reasons like burning dishes and smoking cigarettes as well. It’s not like these detectors will not start warning you with a loud sound. But you can at least turn the alarm off within seconds with the app from any corner of your house, which by the way, is way quicker compared to the regular ones.

All in all, if you need to choose between the regular and the wifi smoke detector, it’s the wifi smoke detector that you need pronto.

Written by Addison Taylor

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