Scooby Doo Background

scooby doo background

Based on the search results, here is a summary of the background and origin of Scooby-Doo:

scooby doo background

Inspiration and Initial Development

  • The idea for Scooby-Doo was inspired by popular teen mystery shows in the 1960s. CBS executive Fred Silverman wanted to copy the success of The Archie Show and pitched “a teenage rock band that would solve mysteries”.
  • The first draft was by writers Joe Ruby and Ken Spears, with artist Iwao Takamoto. It featured a group called “The Mysteries Five” – Geoff, Mike, Kelly, Linda, W.W. (a kid brother), and their dog Too Much, modeled after The Archie characters.
  • This draft was rejected for being too similar. The writers then based the characters on Dobie Gillis – Daphne on Thalia, Shaggy on Maynard, etc. The core premise was also inspired by Enid Blyton’s Famous Five books.
scooby doo background
scooby doo background

Final Version

  • The revised show was titled “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?” and debuted on CBS in September 1969.
  • The voice cast included Don Messick as Scooby-Doo, Casey Kasem as Shaggy, Frank Welker as Fred, Nicole Jaffe as Velma, and Stefanianna Christopherson as Daphne.
  • It was now more of a comedy than a frightening mystery. The combination of humor, mystery, and characters clicked with audiences and it became an instant hit.
scooby doo background

So in summary, Scooby-Doo was developed through an iterative process, going through several drafts and revisions before arriving at the familiar version we know today as a comedy/mystery series. Key inspirations were The Archie Show, Dobie Gillis, and Enid Blyton’s books.

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