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Are you running a website that most of the time faces downtime or crashes pretty often because it is not competent to take large online traffic? Well it is true then now is the time to switch to Managed VPS India Hosting plan for your business and get rid of the old one. 

A Best VPS Hosting India plan in an affordable yet effective plan to grow your business online with its better performance and efficacy. With the best hosting provider in the market- Serverwala you can also get your desired hosting plan to run for your tasks as per your likes without thinking about any other things. 

Know About Managed VPS Hosting India

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server in which a virtual hosting environment is given to a user on a physical server that is shared with other users or clients for their individual use. You can see various other VPS clients on the same physical server but the resources used by them will be unique and not shared with others. 

Here is a complete list of the world’s best VPS hosting providers that you can sort on the basis of their services, server locations, pricing, and other filters.

As a client, you can reboot or reallocate VPS independently to allow the user get more flexibility and services without even sustaining the cost of purchasing a dedicated server for them.

Difference Between VPS India vs. Shared Hosting? 

Confused between a VPS and a Shared Hosting service? Don’t worry we will help you understand the difference between them. A VPS consists of an environment in which multiple clients are present on a physical server but do not share resources with each other- one of the key features that separates VPS from Shared Hosting.  


While on the other hand, if a website is hosted by a shared server then one user’s presence affects the other users and their experience. Shared hosting works as a house in which there are multiple bathrooms but the source of hot water is only one. So in case one person is using the source of hot water, the other has no choice but to wait for the other one to come out. And the other person has to wait for his turn and so on. While VPS means the water heater that can be configured. So no matter what person takes the shower, it doesn’t affect if the other person takes a showe or not. 


While shared hosting can be a good choice for small-scale companies or start-ups that need no greater resources or big bills for them. If you run a big company and want control over your resources, better security and flexibility then you must go for a VPS hosting plan. 


Check the Serverwala Best Managed VPS Hosting India Plan and Offers 

Serverwala is one such VPS hosting provider that offers the best VPS hosting plans to companies that are looking to grow their business. They provide the best experience of enterprise grade resources and customer-focused services through which you can run your company as per your desire. With Serverwala’s hosting plans, you get authority to use all the resources to satisfy multiple user’s requirements. 


Which One is Best : Self-managed or Managed VPS Hosting India 

Managed Hosting server refers to that platform where the client can fulfil all their requirements as the server is fully-managed by the hosting provider. In short, clients do not have to divert their focus on the management and give all time to the core business and its task. 


A Managed Hosting Provider does all the tasks like management, maintenance, and monitoring of the server on their own. And all the tasks will be performed by only the experts. And that’s why it is advised to opt for Managed ones if you want to focus on your main job.


While if you opt for a Self-Managed provider will not provide you perks like management of server and maintenance whenever required. Though you get the same platform like a Managed one but the main difference is that you get the entire access to the server.  


Have a Look on the Difference Between Fully Managed VPS or Self-Managed

We can clearly say that you have selected VPS hosting by knowing the difference between the two. But, 

before selecting the right VPS hosting plan for your, it is necessary for every customer to understand  the difference between a Self- Managed Hosting and a simple Managed Hosting. 


A Fully-Managed VPS is the one in which the web host manages the entire server by pretending as a system administrator. It means that while the host is managing the entire site, the employees as well as the staff can focus on running business successfully and effectively. If your company doesn’t have a staff for managing the server on your own, you must choose a Fully-Managed Staff to hand over your responsibility to them. 


The second important thing about Managed VPS is you get the access to the web host’s highly-skilled IT Staff who managed your system, its update, backups, and server patches as well. 


While the Self-Managed Hosting, it is you who has to manage the entire server on its own. You have to gather knowledge about the server in order to run it like a system administrator. The second possible way is by hiring an IT person for doing the same, but it will only increase your cost. 


Serverwala is one of the most advanced and trustworth providers of VPS India hosting plans that you can hire for your business. With a specific goal of providing only the best services to their customers, Serverwala is trying wholeheartedly to make their client grow online having the best back support with them. 


Features of Serverwala Managed VPS Hosting India

The reason that makes Serverwala – the best VPS Hosting India provider is that they make sure to provide users the best hosting plans in the minimum amount. With their meticulously designed plans, you can get your business the desired services without thinking about the money. And their features make it more worthy to hire Serverwala as your VPS Hosting India provider. 


  1. 24/7 Customer Support 


Serverwala offers the best datacenter all across the globe with 24/7 customer support given to their customers. It means that whether it is day or night, you can call them anytime and ask for their help even with the minimal issue you face. 


They only respond to your query in less than a minute but also give instant solutions for your problem. 


  1. Full-Root Access 


With the best rooted Germany VPS server provided by Servewala, you can operate and control your server entirely without any outside restrictions. They install the server  and Operating System that is compatible and software that you need for running your business smoothly. 


  1. DDOs Protection


With the highly compact and well-secured firewalls, you get protected from the outside DDos attacks and run it without any future danger. WIth the help of Serverwala, you can get worry free as your system will detect the incoming threats and guards your system and your data. 


  1. 99.9 % Uptime 


Serverwala is the only hosting provider in Germany that offers 99.99% uptime to its customers as the services they provide works efficiently 24/7 so that you do not face any downtime. With the team of IT experts, that analyzes the problem before it makes an impact and therefore gives you the fastest problem solution. 

Conclusion 100

Choosing the right hosting plan is very important for every business as their performance, presence as well as the security is also dependent on what they choose. If you are running on a big-scale then VPS can be a good option for you. With Serverwala’s best VPS Hosting India Plans, you can do the impossible things with your business. You are just a click away from Severwala’s best and cheap VPS Server USA services. 


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