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Dedicated Server in Germany

Choosing the right dedicated server is a very crucial yet necessary task as their whole online presence and its image depends on the quality of the server they choose. 


As a business owner, you must know that all the dedicated servers present in the market nowadays are not identical and not the hosting solutions offered by the service providers. No one can choose a particular provider just by looking at their status in the market or looking at their customer base. Here we will help you find the best Dedicated Server Germany that you can choose for improving your online presence with only the best in the market. 


Why do you need a Dedicated Server Hosting?

Like 80% of the websites do, you probably opted for the same shared hosting service when you started your business. It’s cheap, budget-friendly and doesn’t require much care. But as you start growing, you realise that upgrade is necessary for keeping hand-in-hand with the technology. 


Germany Dedicated server hosting is that upgradation that your business needs when you are over the initial period of your work. As your website grows, it generates high traffic, anticipated growth and high amount of visits per day that a VPS hosting can’t handle. Dedicated server Germany means that you hire an entire server for your individual use. It gives you access to the entire server and gives you flexibility to make changes as per your liking. 


If you want to run a fully-efficient website that doesn’t crash down whenever it faces high traffic and has the optimum customer-visit time, then what you need is a Dedicated Server Hosting Germany. 


Let us understand what factors to look upon while choosing the right dedicated Server in Germany to build your image online. 


Features of Using Dedicated Server Germany

1. Operating System

The most important factor to look upon while choosing the best dedicated Server Germany hosting solution is whether they make you choose the operating system or not. As a business owner you know what are your company’s requirements and what specific type of OS will align to that for running them accurately. A good provider will offer you a variety of options like Windows or Linux distributions. 


Make sure to choose the provider that understands your needs and make you choose your ideal OS on your own.

2.  Server Configuration

Along with the Operating System, the second important thing to look upon is the Server Configuration. Server configuration helps in enabling protocols, configure encryptions and server browser service as well. In other words we can say that it gives a user to have total control over their server so that he/she can configure it as per their needs. You can now understand the need of server configuration now, isn’t it true? 

3. The Hardware you Choose

Dedicated servers Germany can be a bit costly when it comes to businesses. And because of the given reason, it becomes your responsibility to choose a hosting provider that gives you perks like choosing hardware. By doing this, you can select the type of hardware and installation that comes in your capacity and performs the way you want in Dedicated Server in Germany.


Without paying any extra money, you get yourself a fully-functioning hardware that is more powerful and efficient than you need. 

4. Control Panel Options 

Having a fully-capable control panel makes it easy for a user to manage the server and its applications that you run on the particular server. Some companies adjust with the small control panels like Vanilla yet some want the best for them like cPanel and WHM. 


The best control panels are those that are to navigate, gives you build-in management tools and a lot more. And you get the best control panel option with the german dedicated server.

5. Security 

Some people take the security feature very lightly and end up getting themselves in big trouble in future. Hacking and data breach is very common nowadays and as a business owner it is your responsibility to take care of it. 


Security is a very sensitive factor that no customer should avoid and that’s why you also need to make sure that whosoever provider you choose, it offers the best security services. Make sure to look upon their location, physical security of the datacenter and the range of security services they give in the package you choose for Dedicated Server in Germany. 


Tip – You can choose a package that has next-generation firewalls, web app security, malware & virus protection and virus prevention. Serverwala is one such dedicated server provider that offers the best hosting solutions to customers that have the best security services in Germany. 


6. Advance Technical Support 


There are times when your employees need teh technical support provided by your hosting provider for managing a task or solving an issue. The response time in which they came and fixed the issue is very important as the whole task gets paused due to the problem. The support MSP gives to their customers is a very integral part and also their 24/7 availability via chat, email or calling. Quick response time is what you need the most to get an instant solution, right? 


Do not get confused with Technical Support and Customer Support as they both are very different things. Whatever hosting you choose, always look upon their response time. 

Serverwala-Best Provider of German Dedicated Server 

Serverwala is known as the best dedicated server hosting provider in Germany that you can choose to improve your online presence in the market. With a track record of more than five years of providing the right hosting services to companies and businesses, Serverwala offers the best packages and plans for dedicated servers in Germany. 


With their special feature through which you can make your own plan, you can design your package with the services and features you want for your business to run efficiently, Serverwala is the first choice for getting the best dedicated server in Germany. 

Serverwala- Grow Your Business with Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Germany 


Serverwala is a leader in providing the best Server Hosting Germany plans that you can opt to grow your business. WIth their unique feature in which you can meticulously design your hosting plan with choosing the service you want and the budget you like, your business can get optimum perks. 


The plans Serverwala offers designed with the help of best IT guys, engineers and tech people in order to maximise your business’s efficiency and to provide only the best. If you have a large website with greater complexities or you are running a start-up with a confusion about what Dedicated Server Hosting Germany plans to opt, then Servewala will give you your ideal solution. 


The Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting Plans offered by Servewala are as follows:  


Customer Reviews and Ratings 


Serverwala known for its excellent plans and their dedication towards providing the best to make their client happy and satisfied. Here are some rating given by the customers to Serverwala that will help you choose Serverwala as your Dedicated Server Germany Partner-


Serverwala. We enable our users to have the VPS and deploy and manage VPS on servers with a single click. Virtualizor supports KVM, Xen, OpenVZ, Proxmox, Virtuozzo, LXC, etc., which also has an inbuilt hourly billing system. 


– says Virtualizor



If  you are looking for a Dedicated Hosting Germany plans to improve your online presence and make your online visitors happy with your service, give Serverwala a chance to make you do that. With the best hosting plans at the cheapest prices, they can make you achieve targets that you only dreamed of in reality. 


Visit Serverwala to know more about the plans and their services. 


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