Services offered by Bharti Airtel

Services offered by Bharti Airtel

There were two queries asked the most by the users of Airtel India. One is “services of airtel india” and the other is “Airtel Balance Check 2021”. As you know that Airtel is the second largest mobile telephony company after Jio and also the fixed telephony company in India. Besides the telecom services, it is offering television and broadband subscription services. Following are the major services offered by Bharti Airtel under the supervision of Sunil Bharti Mittal.


Airtel India proves broadband internet service (DSL) under the Telemedia segment. Along with DSL, some other services are also offered such as MPLS (Multiprotocol label switching), internet leased lines solutions and IPTV fixed telephone services. Unitil 2004, airtel only served with telephony broadband services and fixed telephony services under the name of “Touchtel”. With the passage of time, airtel became the all-in-all in telecom services and was providing telemedia services in 99 cities of India according to a survey in 2019.

With IPTV and broadband services, you get both unlimited download and capped plans. However, you get the free usage policy (FUP) by airtel if you acquire unlimited plans. The speed of your internet decreases after crossing a specified limit of data usage.

In 2012, airtel and some other ISP internet provider companies were blocked from using some file sharing websites such as megavideo, vimeo and thepiratebay. They did not give any legal notice to the customers about the blocking of those websites. Other than the problems, you get many benefits for using airtel telemedia services.

Digital Television

The Digital Television services is based on DTH (Direct to home) television services in all the regions of India with a brand name “Airtel Digital TV”. This service was started in 2008 and had approximately 16 million customers according to a survey report in 2019.

Mobile Data Services

The primary services under mobile data are blackberry services. It includes a web-based mobile email solution that works on the phenomenon of “Push Technology”. It is basically a USB modem which assists in getting instant access to the corporate application and internet. There are many services included in this modem that are explained further. Airtel Data card makes you able to access personal corporate/personal emails with an independent handset OS. Other than this, there are several such applications that are supported under mobile data services.


Airtel has a wide range of business. However, overall six products are included in their business, for example, digital signage, cloud & managed services, NLD/ILD connectivity, voice solutions and wifi dongles. Voice solution offers Tracmate, automated media reading, toll free numbers and much more. Similarly, conferencing solutions offer audio, video, VoIP and web conferencing in serving industries (BFSI, manufacturing, IT, ITeS, hospitals and government sectors).

Besides all, airtel B2B services are the vital element of Bharti Airtel. This is the first digital platform of this kind to handle the growing connectivity problems, communication, collaboration requirements for growing businesses and much more. In short, the digital platform offered by airtel is to make the business faster and easier in the markets.

Android Tablets

Besides all the broadband and mobile internet services, the Airtel company started the project to make their own android tablets according to the requirements of the people. Therefore, they started manufacturing android tablets under Bharti Enterprises Limited in 2011 and launched its first android tablet in just $140. The tablet operating system was based on Android operating system and Google Inc. policies.

Their main aim was to provide cheap tablets according to the needs of the growing mobile phone market and finally they acquired an international presence. At present, it is known as the second largest subscriber base company that has presence in many well-known countries of the world.

Final Words

In summary, we have provided you with all the details about the major businesses of Bharti Airtel. However, keep in mind that all these major businesses include several short businesses. You can also get the idea about the popularity of Airtel due to its state-of-the-art services from local marketplace to international market place. Shortly, airtel in the king of telecom in India.

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