The Professional Process of Installing a Dishwasher

The Professional Process of Installing a Dishwasher

A last-minute rush will only cause faults during your dishwasher installation. You may not become aware of the damage caused to your appliance at that moment, but it won’t be too late before you know it.

Dishwashers are among the heavy-duty appliances in modern homes. When properly installed, it can produce a sleek and seamless look in the kitchen. However, the opposite will be the beginning of an array of painful incidences. 

Common problems that may arise due to an improperly fixed dishwasher.

Here are some of them. 

  • Noise

It’s normal for your appliance to make noise, but not every noise is normal. When the appliance isn’t fastened to the surrounding cabinets or the floor, it’s possible for it to produce awkward sound. Noise may also arise from the drain pump or be caused by a popcorn kernel stuck in the chopper blade area. The best thing to do is to hire an experienced service provider for an investigation. 

  • Dishwasher Leaks 

This happens when the door gasket is damaged, cracked, or when the debris prevents the door from shutting properly. Clean the float switch from anything that may hinder it from functioning properly. Other common problems include improperly cleaning dishes, un-dried dishes, foul smell, or failure to start or dispense soap.

Can we avoid such problems? 

A high quality dishwasher can operate for over 10 years without experiencing any malfunction. However, it requires expert installation and maintenance. The following can help you escape the dilemmas of an improperly functioning dishwasher. 


Ensure to allocate the right place in your kitchen cabinets for your dishwasher. Here, you have to identify the right electric panel and the water supply. Make sure that the electric panel is safe and the water shut-off valve in an accessible location. The shut-off valve must be corrosion-free and unhampered.

It’s completely okay in case you can’t find the water shut-off valve. Simply inform the installation team, and they will come with the necessary equipment. 


Take proper measurements of the dishwasher cabinet before buying the dishwasher. It will help you avoid unintended adjustments that may raise the installation costs. Measure the width of the cabinet and the distance from the counter to the floor. Let these guide you as you make the purchase. If looking for a replacement, simply take the measurements of the current appliance for the right fit.


Dishwashers come with adjoining parts and, in case a need arises during the installation, the service provider will certainly inform you.

If you’re new to the entire process, please try to get in touch with a professional installer even before buying the appliance. The service provider will certainly come to assess the space and provide the necessary guidance. It may also require you to replace the disposer. 


Ensure to clean your appliance once every month focusing on the doors, seals, and the spray arm. Get professionals to check the appliance once you notice any fault. Avoid self-repair as this can lead to more damage. 

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