​Best Sports Games to Play on Sega Dreamcast

Interested in bringing back the classic Sega Dreamcast experience? Here are some of the best rated sports games to up your experience and explore some good old memories.

NCAA College Football 2K2

If you are sick and tired of the superstars of the NFL, how about some college football? This title was excellent and provides an incredible game play. You have all the college teams out there, so you might as well try out your favorite. Stadiums are well designed and the atmosphere stands out in the crowd. You can literally carve your own way to the Rose Bowl, regardless of which ufabet team you choose – lots of options to improve.

NBA Showtime

NBA Showtime did something that no one title in the series could – an excellent arcade transition. This title came up with lots of fun and brought in four controller ports for exquisite games with your buddies. Plus, there is a nice story behind the game. In terms of bells and whistles, the voice over announcer made the difference – how can you not love the John Tesh theme?

Tennis 2K2

Tennis 2K2 could be seen as a sequel to the addictive Virtua Tennis. It took that game and pushed it to another level. Simply put, you had two extra features that everyone wanted. First, you can create a player. Second, you have female players. The game play was relatively easy to learn, but difficult to master. Going up among the professionals is definitely a challenge, but this is what makes the game so exciting – it is all about the journey, rather than the destination.


NFL 2K2 came at the right time. It was the DC farewell, but it was done by the book. From many points of view, NFL 2K2 is similar to NFL 2K1. Some of the graphics were similar, but what made the difference was the incredible experience. The football game play stood out and made you feel like you were on the pitch. Indeed, there was not too much competition for the game at that point, but developers tried their best to make it unique.


The same rule applies to NBA 2K2. Some aspects are similar to the NBA 2K1 predecessor, but many other elements were improved to make the game special. The new title fixed a series of small errors – not necessarily bugs, but mistakes that were overlooked in the previous version. When it came out, it was the best basketball sim on the market. It also had a few different modes, with the two on two street mode being the most exciting one. Sure, it implied having three friends around you for a full gaming experience.


NFL 2K was definitely a killer when it kicked in. Graphics made everyone turn to football. It was the type of game that everyone wanted, whether they loved football or not. The game drawn so many fans because of its outstanding visuals, as well as the realistic experience. The commentary is quite diversified as well, while the solid action made it a front runner.


At first, NBA 2K1 was not too different from NBA 2K. Things changed as players started games. They noticed that everything wrong in the previous version had been fixed in the new one. Graphics were better, modes were more diversified and most importantly, you could play over the Internet. This is the version that brought in the street mode too. Once released, NBA 2K1 became a landmark and it is still widely played these days.

Virtua Tennis

Virtua Tennis showed everyone that tennis can actually be a fun game, especially when played in a realistic game. Graphics impressed everyone and everything was smooth and fluid. Controls were simple, yet the action had depth. The progressive single player campaign was great and offered access to various modes to enhance players’ skills.

Bottom line, these are some of the top rated sports games for Sega Dreamcast – more versions, similar games, but completely different experiences.​

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