Tips To Help You Improve Your Roommate Relationships

Tips To Help You Improve Your Roommate Relationships

One of the first things that you do after moving to a new city is search for a PG near me that’s going to become your new home. As a stranger in an unfamiliar place, it’s comforting to be surrounded by other newcomers: like-minded people who’ve also come to the city to work, study and make their dreams come true. But there’s one thing you might not have considered before moving into your paying guest accommodation. And that’s the fact that for the first time in your life, you’re going to be living with a roommate. Well, that’s nothing to be worried about. With a few simple tips, you can ensure that you have a healthy relationship with your PG roommate. So, check them out below!

Communication is important

If you’re living in a PG residence, in all likelihood, you and your roommate are both new to the city and to each other. So, it’s really important to talk to your roommate and get to know them beyond a general icebreaker. They’re going to be sharing your space intimately, so it’s important that they know what you need from your home life. Share your schedules with each other and set up some ground rules about when to turn the lights off or who uses the shower first in the morning. These small steps are going to go a long way towards ensuring that you start your relationship on the right foot.

Set boundaries

There’s a certain amount of sharing that’s implicit when you’re living with a roommate, but it’s okay to not want that to extend to everything. If you’re uncomfortable about sharing your snacks or your personal belongings, say so. Setting boundaries on what’s okay (and more importantly, what’s not) to share will make you feel more comfortable and will clear the air between you. Even if it does seem like a tough conversation to have, being upfront with your roommate is always the best way to maintain healthy relationships.

Discuss things that impact both of you

When you have a roommate, you’re no longer the sole person who gets affected by the decisions that you take. So, if you’re planning to start working out in your room, or to invite friends over for a move night, make sure you check with your roommate first. Not everyone could be comfortable with having strangers around, and if you’re planning to take up a shared resource for a larger period of time, it’s best to give prior notice. In case there’s an issue on either side, it’ll give you both enough time to make alternate arrangements.

Don’t force it

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t end up besties with your PG roommate like you dreamed. People could have different interests or incompatible schedules or they might just not want to be friends. Don’t sweat it, you’re sure to meet plenty more people in your new city and make some great friends at college or work. You can definitely still invite your roommate when you go out, but you don’t need to force the friendship if it doesn’t happen organically.

These tips for building healthy roommate relationships are sure to come in handy. And they work extra well when you choose a professionally managed residence like Stanza Living instead of a regular PG. Here, you’ll get to choose the number of roommates that you live with, and also enjoy some incredible amenities. No more fighting over a chore chart when you and your roommate can rely on professional housekeeping services. Also, if you’re looking for a fun way to bond with your roommates, their community events, game nights, movie screenings etc will be the perfect way to do so. So, go ahead and start building a great roommate relationship!

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