The 9 amazing benefits of staying at Homestay

The 9 amazing benefits of staying at Homestay

Goa is one of the most top preferred vacation destinations not only for Indians but also for international tourists and why not. Goa has to offer so much to their tourist from beaches to nightlife, everything can be found here. Goa is a perfect blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures thus providing its tourist the best of both worlds. Goa is famous for beautiful and cleaned beaches where people feel connected with themselves. Besides its obvious tourist attraction, Goa is also famous for its historic archaeological buildings as well. There is so much to experience in Goa such as water sports and other adventurous activities that one has to make a visit to this place again and again. Besides this, the cuisine of Goa is beyond perfection. To experience true Goa, one must try homestay in Goa for a unique and lifetime experience.

Homestay provides the tourist the feeling of home even in new places. Homestay is the new way of experiencing local traditions and makes the individual more connected than staying in hotels or resorts. Under Homestay the tourist stays in the home of people who locally stays there. The home is converted into a hotel for the tourist is to stay. Homestay might not be the same every time as under some homestay one might live in the same home as of owner or might live in the quarters nearby of owners. Homestays have become very popular nowadays because of the ambiance they have to offer. There are various benefits of staying at a luxury homestay in Kenya. Some of these benefits are mentioned below:

  • Meeting People: Homestay is the perfect way to make new friends and connections. One has more options to interact with local people and other tourists under homestay. One might interact with host friends, neighbors, etc. thus expanding one horizon. The chances are that one may gain at least one friend for life through such living arrangements and thereby one must give homestay a try. This also allows the individual to experience local lifestyle which is otherwise not possible when staying in hotels.
  • Peace: If you are looking to get away from all the noises and hassles of city life and want calm and peace then homestay is the perfect medium to do so. Not at any given point in time, there will not more than 10 people around you in homestay. It will provide you with the perfect opportunity to freshen your mind and body. The much-needed quality of them can be finally enjoyed by the homestay.
  • Exploring Culture: Homestay allows the individual to explore the place culture in a raw manner. This is because the host has extensive knowledge about the place and will provide you with information and a story that one otherwise might never get to experience. Also, the host provides you the opportunity to see unexplored places and live their vacation through the eyes of locals. Homestay makes the guest feel local in a completely new place and that feeling is beyond words. Homestay thereby provides a unique experience to their guests that will go on to live in their memory for a long time.
  • Safety: Many people believe that homestay is not safer as compared to hotels or resorts but this is not the case. This is because under homestay there is a whole family looking after you and your needs. This is especially of importance for woman solo travelers.
  • Personalized Services: By choosing to spend the holidays at the homestay, one is choosing more personalized services. This is indeed one of the biggest benefits of homestay as compared to hotels, homestays do not have much room and the host mostly lives and run it. This allows them to give more attention to their guests and who do not like extra care. If one is feeling under the weather not need to worry as the host will make sure you get the best care. The host also ensures all the adjustments that one might need in their meals. They treat you like their own family members and not just their clients. Such care and attention are not possible under the type of accommodation.
  • Affordability: The price one pays for a homestay is nothing compared to the experiences and convenience it provides to the individual. They are light on the pocket as compared to hotels or resorts where one has to spend a good amount of money as the cheaper ones are not fit for living. Homestays in fact reduce one’s expenditure to almost half as they do not include any hidden costs and taxes. The food expenses are already included and the host might also guide the guest local cheap eatery. The money saved by staying at the homestay can be utilized towards other areas of vacation.
  • Local Food: Homestay allows the individual to experience the regional cuisine. One can get the chance to taste locally home-cooked food and this is something one cannot experience in hotels as the food is modernized to cater to the fundamental taste of their guest. Also as food is home-cooked there is no doubt of being healthy and thus the chances of your stomach being upset are considerably low.
  • Generate income: By opting to stay at a homestay, one is contributing their bit to generate income for local communities. The lit bit can help improve one’s financial situation. It is one way of supporting local business. There is nothing to lose while staying at a homestay.
  • Homely Feeling: If you are one of those tourists who loves traveling but becomes homesick after some time then homestay is the perfect way to spend your holidays. Homestay provides the feeling of home away from home and the host family will treat you as if you are part of their family by including you in their daily routine and much more. This experience makes homestay very popular nowadays.

Hence we these are some of the benefits of choosing to spend holidays at homestay. So next time in Goa, don’t miss out on the homestay in Goa and get the chance to experience true Goa’s culture and tradition.

Written by Crystal Rae

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