How long are motorcycle helmets good for?

How long are motorcycle helmets good for

As you everything in the world has limited time, same this has like pretty much all things made by humans, and they also have a limited time. If you ride your bike and you use a lot of your helmet. You will have to replace it, but the question is when? How long are motorcycle helmets good for? The general rule to consider replacing your helmet is every 4-5 years if your helmet has not experienced any accidents. Most manufacturers and safety organizations also recommend this lifespan significantly if you wear your helmet continuously. But we also know many you think that where does every five years’ recommendation come from? But many of you spend a lot of money on quality-built helmets such as motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth and GPS and take good care of them, so after five years of use, they still look and feel new. So the five-year rule does not mean to them.

From which material is a motorcycle helmet made?

When you talk about replacing the helmet, you need to consider which material a motorcycle helmet made. Have you inner liner of helmet or comfort liner. This comfort liner gives you a comfortable fitting. But these days, they can be the embodiment for excellent fit and are often removable and washable. The other part is the helmet’s shell which will able to know how long are motorcycle helmets good for. This shell is the first very important in the helmet’s defense. These shells are made out of either fiberglass or polycarbonate. At some times, fiberglass is used with Kevlar or carbon fiber to lessen the weight, but sometimes, the shells are a combination of the materials. Nowadays, lightweight helmet shells are even made only of carbon fiber. The shell offers the helmet to maintain its shape. Additionally, it averts any impact while bearing the brunt of any abrasion.

Many motorcycle helmets and dirt bike helmets contain an outer shell made from some fiberglass, carbon, or durable plastic. So they will make it durable enough to last for years to come. The inner of the helmet typically contain dense foam to help absorb impact. If you dropped your helmet, you might need to check the foam for deformation. The foam does a great work of dispersing impact, so dropping your helmet.

Another thing you will also find some moisture-wicking lining inside your helmet. This type of lining will help absorb sweat and other moisture to preserve the integrity of the helmet.

Why people Wears Out A Motorcycle Helmet?

The real purpose of wearing a helmet is safety because when you wear your helmet and go at high speed, then there are many kinds of risk of head injury on your way. So it is crucial for bike riding. But after use of some time, they come to their lifespan. The vast majority of a helmet’s noticeable deterioration comes from three factors: the amount of use, maintenance practices, and initial build quality. These three factors are the things that wear a helmet out and the riders who wear them. So the five-year rule is just a very general approximation of the amount of wear that takes place over that amount of time and how well it is taken care of. But it is not usual to track these figures with helmets; the default replacement time is expressed in terms of time.

Checks Safety of Helmet

You should check your helmet regularly, after use of some time or every few months, and so check that the EPS liner is still correctly attached to the outer shell. Further, check the retention straps in a proper condition, not fraying or even coming loose from the helmet, and then check that the clip system can stay closed. It would help if you also looked at the moving parts like a visor, or flip-up chin bar, check they are working or not coming loose. Check if there any chips and cracks on the outer shell. If you observe any cracks, you should immediately replace your helmet because these cracks can because an accident is causing potentially serious head injuries to the rider. Better to be safe than sorry and take care of your helmet as your life depended on it. Store it in any suitable place or shelf of your room instead of the garage or any store. Clean the washable shell liner with any cleanser or baby shampoo. Often, the inner padding and comfort liner of the helmets are removable and washable. Replace the comfort liner after use of one or two years for its excellent work. So it will look and feel like a new helmet.

In Experts opinion

The useful service life of a safety helmet is reliant on the potency and regularity of its use. When your helmet is facing these effects, the replacement of it is recommended. The helmet was subjected to an accident. Further, the comfort padding has become loose due to continuous use. The synthetic foam padding due to heavy use, and the helmet feels too loose. There are indentations in the EPS liner that can be seen on surfaces with black paint. So you also use the five-year rule as a guideline based on wearing time. But some manufacturers give you a warranty of 6-7 years and some only for 1-2 years, so the rule of five years is not ample on every helmet.

How long are motorcycle helmets good for ? If You Drop It.

You don’t need to drop your helmet; It would help know how long are motorcycle helmets good for. These days many retailers use this tactic just for more sales, but it is not correct. If your motorcycle helmet is dropped by chance, you do not need to replace it. Indeed, you should check your helmet for any possible damage, but you should not replace it if it is safe. But if your helmet is dropped from a significant height and damaged, then you need to buy a new one. Today’s safety standards make motorcycle helmets, and ATV helmets alike can withstand wear and tear, especially if your purchase is from a reputable manufacturer. But it does not mean you should be throwing your helmet anywhere. Keep your helmet in good care and store it in a dry, cool area.

When you need a new helmet

Age of the Helmet

The age of your helmet is matters a lot on replacing the helmet. If you have used your helmet for over five years, you need to replace it. Because after five years of continuous wear and tear, your helmet will be weakened. But you can say that it still looks in perfect condition, then you should consider the age and the impact of the helmet. When you wear your helmet continuously, it becomes exposed to rain, dirt, UV rays, and other environmental elements, which affect your helmet’s integrity. So all these elements weaken the resins and glues that use to hold it together. Many factors can play an essential role in the lifespan of your helmet. Some manufacturers also recommend the replacement of your helmet after 5year.

After An Accident

This is another prominent factor when you have experienced an accident time for a new helmet. You need to check your helmet for possible damage deeply. But remember, when you wear a broken helmet, it will not offer you any protection. So please do not wear a helmet that has been in an accident; it will not save your life.


you are wearing your helmet every day; it means constant wear and tear. Its appearance is not look demanding, but consistent use weakens the integrity of your helmet. You can compare it to riding your bike every day. So you need for good perform more maintenance, and you can purchase a new one.

Starts Interior Demanding

Usually, the outside shell does not damage first. Always the lining and foam inside of the helmet damage first due to consistent use. If your helmet starts to flake off into your hair or onto your shoulders, it means you need a helmet replacement. It usually happens after the use of 3 or 5 years. You can also check the EPS liner, usually painted black or tiny white cracks forming inside your helmet. If this means the helmet is weakening and will not be able to absorb impact effectively.

Start Exterior Deteriorating

If the outer shell of your helmet has cracks, then you need to replace your helmet. You can find it obvious, but wearing a helmet in this weakened condition is not safe. When you meet an accident, the shell is the first point of contact. Therefore the outer shell should be solid and durable. Any cracks in the outer shell will expose your head to injury at the time of the accident.

Helmet Becomes Loose

As you know, new helmets fit very snug. If you shake your head, it remains stuck like glue. So when you want to know if your helmet has loosened, Shake your head side-to-side. If it remains stuck to your head or slides around while shaking your head if slides this means your padding has become loose, and you need to replacement. Everyone who wants a helmet should hug their head firmly because they do not want to be impacted or an accident due to wearing a loose helmet.


When Have the straps stopped working correctly on your helmet, it will not a good safety gear for your head. Your helmet chin strap is a critical part of keeping your helmet on your head. If this component does not work correctly, then it time to buy a new helmet or find a chin strap replacement.


With all the above information, you will come to riding a motorcycle, dirt bike, or ATV; you can understand the need for a helmet that works. You should take care of regular maintenance of your helmet and store it correctly. Age, usage, and wear and tear are common reasons to buy a new helmet. Another is the advances in helmet technology. Every year manufacturers come out with designs that are better than previous versions. So maintain your helmet for your precious life.

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