The Best Way to Take CBD Oil for Beginners

Is CBD Safe While I'm Doing Infusion Therapy?

The food and chemical industries are enjoying the CBD boom.

In case you missed it, cannabidiol (also known as CBD – ) is a chemical compound extracted from hemp and marijuana plants.

Unlike its sister tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD won’t get you “high”.

While the regulation of CBD and other cannabis products is still murky, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) did certify one CBD drug for pain relief.

Now, if you are new to CBD, you’re probably wondering how you can start using it.

Well, here are the best ways to start getting CBD into your system:

1.     Capsules

CBD oil is sold in capsules as one of the most popular ways of intake.

Some people love the earthy taste of hemp while others don’t like it as much. Well, you don’t have to worry about that as most capsules are tasteless making it easy to wash it down with a swig of water.

Like other meds, these capsules don’t standout. People take medications and vitamins all the time. So, consumption in public might not raise an eyebrow.

What makes capsules great for beginners is that their dosage is pre-measured to go with your weight. You won’t need to worry about consuming enough or too much.

In general, capsules have a slower onset effect compared to other intake methods. But you can still enjoy the CBD experience without having to taste it.

2.   Tinctures

This is probably the most superior CBD oil intake method in terms of reaction time.

Tinctures refer to the concentrates put under the tongue. Though some people swallow the extract, this is not advisable as it weakens the effect.

Putting the tincture under your tongue, also known as sublingual administration, gets it faster into your bloodstream.

Tinctures come with a clearly marked dropper to manage your dose. But most CBD manufactures are adopting this new style of putting the extract in capsule form rather than using a dropper.

Tinctures used to have a bitter or weird taste. However, companies have come up with a variety of delicious flavors for you to pick from, which has greatly improved the consumption.

Faster delivery coupled with exact doses makes tinctures the perfect choice for beginners to get started on CBD.

3.   Edibles

Another wonderful way of starting your CBD journey is through edibles.

Today, companies are offering CBD in a wide range of edibles, also referred to as infused products. Depending on what you like, you can go for candies, chocolate bars, cookies, gummies, soft drinks, and so much more.

The biggest advantage edibles have is that they’re super discreet. Nobody can tell what you’re eating. They have sweet flavors that disguise the “weedy” scent some people report when using CBD oil or tinctures.

When it comes to delivery, edibles are quite slow as they take 2-3 hours for the effect to kick in. The CBD edible is broken down during digestion with slightly over 20% received by the body.

Just like capsules, the edibles are pre-measured meaning that you get the right dosage depending on your needs.

4.   Cocktails

If you fancy a CBD cocktail then go for it.

According to the devotees of CBD cocktails, the drinks have many benefits raging from relieving joint pains to curing insomnia.

Most drinking Joints in San Diego are known for their vodka and mescal combo and the CBD Mezcal Margarita.

Most CBD manufactures recommend a dose of 25 mg for the CBD base.

Since you’re mixing it with alcohol it is advisable to go for a lower dose of 10-15 mg.

Just like any other cocktail, keep the alcohol by volume level to a minimum. And before going for the homemade drink always check out the local medical cannabis dispensary for the right mixing ratio.

5.   CBD Vape

Just like nicotine, CBD oil can be vaped as long as you have access to CBD juice for vaping.

Vaping is one of the most effective ways of getting the CBD experience. It works fast.

You will, however, need to buy the vaping concentrates like the vape juice or CBD cartridges.

Most 100 mg CBD cartridges deliver around 1-2 mg per puff. The quantity per puff is a little higher when using a vape pen.

When vaping, it’s advisable to always start low until you find the right dosage.

You can also smoke the plant directly to benefit from CBD and other cannabinoids. Just remember to store your stash well so it maintains flavor and potency. Besides, you want your stash to stay fresh longer, which is good for your pocket.

You can learn more about stretching your cannabis stash here.


There is no one-size-fits all CBD intake option. It depends on your preferences and tastes. Plus you should always consult your doctor before considering any intake path.

You also need to know your state laws and regulations monitoring CBD use to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law.

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