What Vehicles can VIN Decode?

What Vehicles can VIN Decode

While buying a second-hand car, numerous things to check out about that car to ensure it is described similarly by the seller. So, one of the significant considerations is Vehicle Identification Number or VIN, which helps you find out all information about a car.

If you are worried about what vehicles can decode a VIN, let us inform you that all vehicle types have this unique code. It implies that a car without a VIN number is not valid, and two vehicles with similar VIN numbers can exist on the market.

So, without delaying much, let’s find out which cars are able to VIN decode and how it can be done.

What is a VIN?

A VIN is a 17-character unique code given by an automotive manufacturer for tracking the identity of all vehicles operating on the roads worldwide. The VIN numbers don’t contain crucial letters like I, O (o), Q (q) in order to evade confusion with numerals 1 and 0.

Vehicles that can VIN decode

These are some of the vehicles mentioned below and information about decoding their VIN are shown below:

1.     Ford VIN Decoder

Various Ford VIN decoders are there for Ford vehicles, which help get you all the crucial details about every Ford vehicle type. It offers a VIN decoder for Ford cars to check almost everything, starting from the vehicle body, drive type, car safety rating, and fuel tank capacity.

All you have to do is, visit a site selling VIN checks and explore all the details.

What could you do with a Ford VIN?

With a valid VIN number, you can obtain useful details about a Ford car, which are shown below:

  • Car’s year of manufacturing, model, and manufacturer
  • Body style
  • Engine type
  • Tank size
  • Transmission
  • Spring and steering type
  • Suspension type
  • Country of manufacturer
  • Mileage accuracy
  • Previous photos
  • Damage report
  • Maintenance records
  • Theft records
  • Safety rating
  • Recall and defects

The seller mainly gives this unique VIN code in top-notch online marketplaces. However, you can find out this exemplary code:

  • The dashboard in the vicinity to the base of the driver side’s windscreen
  • At the bottom of the windscreen
  • The left-center pillar
  • In the doorjamb
  • The transmission housing
  • On a secured plate to the chassis area

How to lookup Ford accessories by VIN?

Search by VIN and dig into the correct part for any Ford car at the Ford online store, whether you are searching for a set of oil filters, brake discs, or flywheels. Ford manufactures top-rated original spare parts, which are carefully designed to fit and maximize the performance of a Ford car.

2.     Chevrolet VIN decoder

Every Chevy car possesses a unique VIN code, which can be utilized to determine from a Chevrolet car body and drive type to vehicle safety rating to fuel tank capacity to almost everything. Various sites are there offering free Chevy VIN number lookup services and decoding, which can showcase the below-mentioned details:

  • Current warranty
  • Market value
  • NMVTIS Vehicle History Report
  • Equipment information
  • Safety rating
  • Vehicle specifications
  • Inspection checklist

How to decode a Chevrolet VIN?

An example of a Chevrolet VIN is 1G1JC1240DN109186. Here, every character within this Chevrolet VIN dictates specific car details, consisting of the car’s model year and model number. So, decoding this Chevy VIN is shown below:

  • 1G1 stands for Chevrolet United States as car’s manufacturing location and manufacturer
  • J is the platform code for Cavalier while C is the series code
  • 1 = Two-Door Coupe body
  • 2 = Restraint Type
  • 4 = LN2; 2.2L; Gas L4 SFI is the engine’s configuration for this VIN
  • 0 = Check Digit
  • D = 2014 built
  • 7 = Lordstown Chevrolet Plant (Ohio, US)
  • 109186 = Car’s unique Production Sequence

The VIN checking sites can instantaneously provide more than these vehicle specifications, along with a complete vehicle history report.

3.     BMW VIN Decoder

Before purchasing a used BMW car, it’s necessary to record the maintenance work performed on the vehicle through the years.

The car owner might be capable of demonstrating a stack of documentation detailing every service; still, it’s not unusual for such types of records to get lost.

However, you must know that the unique BMW code makes it easier to debunk precise details about the particular car. Due to such reasons, during a car sale, it would be necessary to include its VIN number in the listing.

As the VIN is visible through the front windscreen, it implies that the public must be aware of the VIN number and decode it when purchasing that BMW car. So, it’s pretty safe to share the BMW VIN number.

BMW VIN number breakdown

Before searching for a VIN, let’s brush up on the top-notch VIN decoding system to let you understand what all those digits mean.

1-3 digits: It lets you know the place of assembly of the car, the manufacturer, and the type of the car.

4-8 digits: These elaborate on your specific BMW car type, its model, engine type, body style, and car’s transmission.

9th digit: This is known as a check digit, which is utilized to say if the BMW VIN number is incorrect or you have typed the wrong VIN.

10-11 digit: It is used to let you know the manufacturing year and the assembled factory

12-17 digit: It indicates the sequence number of the factory’s production, which detects the BMW car itself as a unique product.

What details can you reveal from a BMW VIN?

With a VIN number, a huge amount of details can be found out about a car’s factory configuration. Checking a BMW VIN will assure its color code, confirm the factory paint job, and showcase whether the car has been resprayed.

On the other hand, looking up a BMW VIN also provides precise details about the engine capacity, transmission, horsepower, and engine capacity.

The Final Word

Hopefully, this article has showcased which vehicles help you decode the VIN number. Here, we have illustrated the top 3 car manufacturing companies, every nitty-gritty matter of its decoding, and many more. Every car globally has this unique identification code. Go through a proper VIN check before buying any second-hand vehicle!

Written by Enaa Mari

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