The Importance of Microsoft Azure Training for Professionals

Microsoft Azure Marketplace Benefits

More and more industries are opting for cloud computing for the timely and efficient production of goods and services. Earlier, it was challenging to store and maintain data. However, with cloud computing, these issues have been tackled. By 2025, 80% of all enterprise workloads will move to the cloud, according to Oracle’s Cloud Predictions. There are many features of cloud computing, including storing, sharing, and accessing data from anywhere. As a result, revenue generated by the cloud computing industry every year amounts to billions of dollars. 

One of the most famous cloud computing platforms is Microsoft Azure. It provides facilities for safe data storage and maintaining it. If you are an IT professional looking to begin or upgrade your career in cloud computing, opt for Microsoft Azure training. Microsoft Azure, the second-best cloud computing service provider, offers role-based certifications. Professionals can learn different aspects of Microsoft Azure by pursuing these certificate courses and also earn a certificate. These certificate courses have been designed as per job roles and market requirements. There are various benefits of Microsoft azure training – 

  1. Flexibility – For professionals interested in the cloud computing industry, pursuing Microsoft Azure certifications is essential. With these certifications, professionals can secure roles such as security engineer, cloud administrator, data engineer, DevOps engineer, solutions architect, and AI engineer. Microsoft Azure offers nine role-based certifications. Hence, you can increase your versatility by pursuing these certification courses with the flexibility of working in any industry, including banking, finance, healthcare, insurance, or government. You also have the opportunity to work anywhere in the world by pursuing these certifications. 
  2. Higher salary – Another benefit of Microsoft Azure training is higher salaries. Your Microsoft Azure certifications showcase your expertise and commitment. Hence, you can earn better salaries as compared to your non-certified counterparts. Also, the demand for cloud computing professionals is high worldwide, opening up various opportunities for certified professionals. The starting salary of a Microsoft Azure certified professional is around $41,000 and can go up to $172,000 for senior positions.
  3. Career development – Since there are so many role-based Azure certifications based on market requirements, professionals can pursue any or all the certificates for their career development and better recognition in the market. There are various tracks that one can use – Azure architect, data scientist, administrator, security engineer, data engineer, and others. By pursuing these certificates, you can become a market expert. 
  4. Quick learning – The Microsoft Azure certifications follow a concise learning approach. Hence professionals can learn quickly. They don’t need to learn how to use all Azure tools. Beginners can quickly adapt to the platform and gradually use Azure services with ease. To prepare for the Azure certification exams, professionals can use several resources such as videos, online tutorials, and books. They can also go for offline training as it is more effective due to practical knowledge.
  5. Reduced IT costs – Microsoft Azure certified professionals could lower IT costs in their organization by scaling and managing hosted assets effectively. In addition, they can also reduce the costs in areas such as maintenance of information security systems and power utilization. Hence, having Microsoft Azure training is beneficial not only for individuals but also for their organizations. 
  6. Showcases commitment – Getting a Microsoft Azure certificate is not an easy task. Professionals need to take up courses and pass all the exams to achieve the certification. This is an indication of your dedication and commitment to achieve your goal. It also shows that you are keen on improving yourself for the development of your career. Employers value this and are more likely to hire certified professionals than those who aren’t certified. Having Azure certifications also helps you with your job interviews. 
  7. Better DevOps skills – Professionals who have the basic knowledge of Azure can pursue the DevOps certification. To pursue this certificate, they need to have an associate-level certification as an Azure administrator or Azure developer. If you are a beginner, you need to complete the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam first. You would also need some work experience before acquiring the DevOps certification.
  8. Better Artificial Intelligence skills – As artificial intelligence and machine learning have been on the rise, so has the demand for AI and ML engineers. Azure-certified AI and ML engineers are also in demand as a result of this. To acquire the Azure AI certification, you need to pass the exam. It is ideal for AI engineers who have some work experience and are interested in developing AI solutions at Azure. You should know about natural language processing, speech recognition, bots, and computer vision for this exam.
  9. Improved security standards – Azure certified professionals have access to better security offerings such as Security Development Lifecycle. With SDL, professionals get complete security and protection for their Azure applications. In addition, with Azure certifications, professionals acquire knowledge that is necessary to protect their data.
  10. Better integration with the .NET platform – .NET is an open-source development platform created by Microsoft that thousands of programmers use to build different applications. Microsoft Azure can integrate better with the .NET platform, without any complex processes, as Microsoft manages everything. This is one of the most significant advantages for programmers familiar with dot NET. Apart from .NET, it supports other open-source platforms such as Java, PHP, and Linux. Hence, performance and agility get increased, which is incredibly beneficial for certified professionals.
  11. Applying theoretical concepts to solve business problems – With Azure certifications, professionals can learn various theoretical concepts and use these to solve real-life business problems. In addition, they can practice their learning with the help of projects. 

If you want to learn Azure from scratch or have some work experience, you can pursue different training programs and earn Azure certifications, as per your needs and goals, and schedule. Pursuing Microsoft Azure training and certifications is the first step for professionals working with the cloud computing service provider. It can prove to be a significant credential for your resume as well as your career path.


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