The Main Causes of Car Accidents: An Informative Guide

The Main Causes of Car Accidents

In the U.S; 33,000 people are killed and millions more are injured in car accidents. The causes of car accidents are many, and it can be difficult to know which are the most dangerous.

Getting into car accidents can not only be fatal, but they can also maim or disfigure people for life. The hospital visits and lifestyle changes can be very difficult to adjust to also.

You don’t need to deal with that kind of stress in your life. So read this guide and find out how you can avoid car accidents.

1. Distracted Driving Causes Most Car Accidents

Driving is a very involved activity where conditions are changing every second. Taking your attention away from the road for even a second is long enough for tragedy to strike.

Thousands of people die every year from distracted driving. What makes this situation even worse is that most of those people don’t take their eyes off of the road for very long.

2. Speeding Is One of The Leading Causes of Car Accidents

Speeding has always been one of the top 5 causes of auto accidents. If a speeding driver rear-ends someone, it could cause thousands or millions of dollars in damages, especially if someone gets injured.

Luckily, a reputable law firm can help people settle cases like these for thousands or even millions of dollars. So if you ever find yourself in that situation, it’s best to be prepared with a good car accident lawyer.

3. Drowsy Driving Is Devastating

Drowsy driving has been more talked about these days, and for good reason. Studies show that up to 1 in 25 people have fallen asleep behind the wheel.

This alarming statistic serves as a gentle reminder to make sure you’re fully awake when driving. Get your coffee, plan your route accordingly, and watch out for drivers swaying and regaining control.

4. Drinking And Driving

Drinking and driving remain one of the top car accident causes in the U.S. Drunk drivers usually drive alone, at night, and on weekends, so be extra cautious when driving at those hours.

5. Running Stop Signs

For a reckless driver, running a stop sign seems like a low-risk, high-reward way to save time. In reality, though, it’s cited as being one of the top ways to get sideswiped by a vehicle coming from the left or right.

Running a stop sign is also a crime, and can put the offender on the wrong side of the stand, facing down a car accident attorney who can and will sue them for thousands or millions of dollars.

Don’t Let Car Accidents Happen to You

The best way to avoid the causes of car accidents is to stay focused on driving and watching out for other drivers. By keeping distractions to a minimum, you can make sure that your drive is safe and uneventful.

To learn more about how you can keep yourself safe and happy, check out our health blogs and see how you can improve your life!

Written by Crystal Rae

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