Why You Should Develop Radio Station Mobile App

Why You Should Develop Radio Station Mobile App

For most avid media consumers, more than one or two applications serve this purpose. From this point of view, the very idea of ​​a solution for radio station app “in one bottle” looks very attractive.

The free app aims to bring the entire experience of listening to music, podcasts, radio and more to one place. And what’s more, it was continuous, meaning you could sync it across your phone, tablet and PC without any problems.

If you are bored with searching and just want to listen to the radio, or you are confused by hundreds of similar stations, the radio station app development will offer you options. They are based on your previous requests and listens. And it will do it quite accurately.

Surely each of you has your own personal media library in your smartphone or tablet, or at least some kind of music. Sometimes, of course, you want something new and radically different. In this case, Internet radio station app development can play a significant role. Don’t be too quick to think radio is boring and annoying. It is a fairly popular source of music and spoken genres today, a good option for background noise, and still one of the best ways to discover new music.

What are the benefits

The development of a mobile application for a radio station is a completely new way to interact with your listeners. It accompanies them wherever they are. Also there are such features:

  • The development of mobile applications for radio attracts advertisers to you. Since they are interested in a popular station with a large audience. And these are applications for your radio station’s android and iPhone. They work specifically to expand and retain the audience;
  • You can sell advertising space directly in the radio station’s Android and iPhone applications if to create radio station app;
  • Placing paid content in the radio station application for a smartphone and tablet, and more.

Main advantages

Development is needed because it provides:

  • The Internet radio application will enable listeners to listen to live broadcasts or recordings, wherever they are;
  • Online radio application for ios, android, windows will allow you to hear your station even where the traditional analog signal is not available;
  • Mobile applications for radio are a tool for marketing research. You can make an application for a radio station and use it to collect a lot of information about listeners. On the basis of which you can develop your market strategy;
  • Application for iphone, android radio studio allows you to send instant messages with reminders, news, announcements to promote your brand;
  • It is worth making a mobile radio application with interactive functions. It’s the ability to comment and send messages to the studio;
  • It is possible to create a mobile application of a radio station with a mobile alarm clock.

Also, recently, applications for listening to radio online and without the Internet have become increasingly popular. The creation of mobile applications for broadcasting channels provides all these and other interesting and unexpected possibilities.

Streaming or mobile app?

The streaming application of the radio station is essentially no different from the “Listen on-line” button on the site. Why pay developers to promote an app if, apart from the ability to find out the name of the track and see the playlist, the user gets almost nothing. Now there is Shazam, and it is not at all difficult to recognize the artist.

In this regard, the mobile app is fundamentally different from the streaming app. The mobile application adjusts to the rhythm of the listener’s life. It provides relevant and necessary information, live interactive and opens up the opportunity for the station to monetize its precious app.

Why You Should Develop Radio Station Mobile App

To sum up

Today, the speed of the Internet connection is no longer a critical moment when choosing a radio. All the considered applications from consistently transmit the broadcasts of the selected stations. In one way or another, they have similar capabilities.

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