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There are several instances where a regional language might claim a larger number of speakers than some official languages of sovereign entities.

India is a culturally diverse country. People in various parts of the country dress differently, enjoy various festivals and speak over a thousand distinct languages. When the population is so diverse, the question is whether or not one language can bring them all together?

According to a study, just 1% of existing internet users speak in English, 39% in Hindi, and an overwhelming 60% in their mother tongue. Surprisingly, although regional languages predominate in India, English remains the country’s primary internet language.

While there is a large desire for regional material, there is little vernacular content available on the Internet. But that to the technological innovations, that Bharat keyboard has launched made in India Manglish Keyboard.

Now people can easily communicate in their mother tongues especially the Malayalam language through the Malayalam typing keyboard. However, at this time when individuals are unable to see their friends and relatives, it is more important than ever to interact.

Bharat keyboard offers four regional language keyboards with an unlimited list of exciting features such as regional language sticker customization, gifs, BigMoji, voice typing, manglish typing, language transliteration and more.

So here listing of the features of the Manglish keyboard app that will make you get this app for your android smartphone.

  • Sometimes, you know a language, but you are not comfortable typing or texting in that language. So the Manglish keyboard app helps to solve your problem. The Manglish keyboard or the Malayalam typing keyboard helps you to type easily in the Malayalam language. It also offers translation features like English to Malayalam, where you can type in English and generate the final result as a Malayalam message.

This feature highlights that the Manglish keyboard is fit for Malayalam speaking and non-Malayalam speaking communities, who want to learn or interact in the Malayalam language with their friends or professional network.

  • While multitasking becomes difficult for most of us at times. The use of the Manglish keyboard continuously to type something and text someone becomes easy. With the help of the Malayalam typing keyboard, you can also use this app’s voice-to-text function. This feature helps to convert your speech messages into Malayalam text and helps to save both your energy and time and is much more convenient.
  • Apart from the typing facilities offered by the Manglish keyboard app, it also provides you with a lot of customized emojis, stickers, and gifs. This fun and customize offerings help you make your conversation more lively and fun. Stickers also help you in lightening a conversation. The Malayalam typing keyboard comes to you with a lot of stickers and gifs and it also suggests which stickers suits, according to your conversation. Hence you no more have to scratch your head or waste your valuable time searching for emojis.
  • You can also add a charm to the appearance of your Malayalam typing keyboard by applying multiple themes that the Malayalam typing keyboard offers. This keyboard also offers an exciting feature where you can do glide typing. The glide typing feature allows you to type your message without lifting your fingers from the keyboard. This helps you type faster, making your work more efficient and less time-consuming along with auto-correct spelling suggestions.
  • The Malayalam typing keyboard app is available free of cost and can be downloaded from the play store. The Manglish keyboard does not come with in-app purchases, so you can access all the amazing features at no extra cost.

It gives you all the safety and ensures 100% data privacy. You get a lot more features personalized features in this app. The Manglish keyboard is specially made keeping in mind the problems that arise in everyday life while texting or having a conversation with someone in a different language than the person may not be familiar with.

  • The Manglish keyboard has artificial intelligence features, such as proposing emojis based on what you’ve written, so you don’t have to waste time looking for the correct one.
  • If you’re concerned that having so many features will cost you money, be assured that this is not the case; it’s available for free download all around the world, making it the first choice for every android user.

Now is the time to Download Manglish keyboard app on your android device and start benefiting from its amazing features.

Written by Addison Taylor

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