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2020 has drawn out, and it’s time to move forward in life. With every year, the world changes a little more, and the trends are revolutionized. With 2020, we all have seen that eCommerce has grown and has become an essential part of our daily lives. Truth be told, eCommerce popularity is only going to increase, and the trends aren’t changing anytime soon.

With eCommerce, people have lost the experience of skimming through the stores and don’t get to feel the ambiance of the brand. It’s safe to say that no brand website can compensate for this ambiance and experience. For this purpose, it’s essential to up the ante to ensure the right branding is done for the brands and business.

For the most part, the packaging is not here to replace the store experience, but it’s here for meeting the customers’ needs. With this article, we are sharing the packaging trends of 2021 when it comes down to custom product packaging. So, let’s check out the details!

Illustrated Patterns

When it comes down to the product packaging, illustrations and patterns are much more than decorations and embellishments. This is because these patterns and illustrations can reveal the actual product. With 2021 and new packaging trends, you are likely to see a lot of patterns and illustrations on the packaging and will keep providing hints.

The illustrations can be abstract or simplified and will deliver the artistic appearance of what is inside the packaging. The illustrations will actually “render” what is inside the packaging. That being said, 2021 will show the small patterns and illustrations on the product packaging.

Authentic & Vintage Unboxing

For the most part, vintage designs in packaging have become quite a trend, and 2021 is not going to be any different. This is because such packaging will help create an authentic unboxing appearance, and it feels like you will travel through time. With 2021, you will not see the vintage-inspired packaging, but 2021 will deliver the old-school appearance and feel.

Truth be told, it will help create an immersive and extremely impressive experience. That being said, there are chances that you will be able to see the differentiating and unique yet take you in the vintage era and will transport you through time. In addition, the packaging aspect will help curate a whole brand experience through vintage shapes, materials, and texture with a pinch of modern labels and logos.

The Geometry

In addition to the vintage appearance, the packaging will be adorned by bold yet simple geometries. The geometry will be created with neat lines, expressive hues, and sharp angles. For the most part, these geometric designs will create an edge in the packaging. In addition, it will give a hint of the product inside the packaging. However, the geometric designs will still remain abstract.

Fine Art

Yes, long gone the times when fine art was only hanged to the wall because 2021 will deliver the fine art on the product packaging. This trend of fine art on packaging is gaining momentum when it comes down to high-end goods and products. However, fine art might be added to the mid-range goods and products as well.

We can say that designers are curating inspiration from paint textures and painting for integrating them into the product designs. They will work on blurring the lines between fine art and packaging design; it will help create a unique and differentiating appearance. At this point, texture and effect are the keys to promising packaging.

Technical Ink Drawing

If you cannot see the theme or pattern, the upcoming packaging trends of 2021 will look more like an art gallery rather than commercial graphic design. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that product packaging will look straight out of blueprints or anatomic illustrations. Well, it might be because 2020 made people slow down and reevaluate how product packaging can be revolutionized with minimalism.

Color Blocking

In particular, we are talking about organically shaped color blockings. Sure, color blocking is not a new trend, but color blocking in spirals, blobs, and dips screams 2021. In addition, it will be differentiated with textures and color combinations. Not to forget, the color blocking will differ in weight and shape. To illustrate, 2021’s color blocking will be dappled and unbalanced!

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