What are online slots and how do they work?

What are online slots and how do they work?

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”
But now you can go all the way to Vegas from the comfort of your sitting room, bed or even bathroom. All you need is the Internet and a screen, so what are online slots and how do they work?

Online slots are extremely popular now, especially in countries like Indonesia. In Indonesia, there are a large number of situs judi slot (slot gambling sites).

The Basics:

Slot machines, first invented by Charles Fey in the 19th century. His first one: The Liberty Bell was as basic as you can get, three spinning wheels with a series of random symbols, if you matched three of the same diamond, spades, or heart symbols then you win, but if you matched three Liberty Bell icons and you won big, a possible grand total of 50c. To this day the basics remain, match the same symbols, be it gems, bells or fruits and you win, match the bonus symbols and you can win bigger. These days the prizes can be in the millions if lucky, but that is it in essence, easy right?

Physical Vs Online:

Physical casino slot machines worked on physical reels, so the chance of winning was higher, meaning lower payouts, but with more modern machines they have reels meaning increased pay outs but higher risk. These high volatility games are rarely won but when they are the cash prizes are huge, a bit like winning the lottery.

Online slots are becoming the most popular form of slots with unlimited number of reels; therefore, you can decide the volatility of the spin, low risk or high reward depending on the game you choose, and your luck. Online slots differ from traditional slots in the natural restrictions the game includes. Physical machines have a limited number of possible wins based on the actual number of reels, whereas online slots have no restrictions, it’s either a win or a loss every spin of the wheel because previous spins have no effect on the current spin.

It’s simple, there’s no strategy only luck, there are ways to increase your chances through daily jackpots, bonus’ and welcome bonus as well as free spins for example, all based on how much you bet and how often, but simply put it’s still spin to win.

From high volatility games with the biggest payouts to progressive jackpots which increase with each bet placed there is fun to be had for everyone. The majority of online slots will also offer the RTP (Returns to player) of their games, for example Virgin Games states that their top three games that pay our are:
1) Guns and Roses (96.96% pay out)
2) Lady Earth (96.80% Pay out)
3) Thunderstruck 2 (96.65% Pay out)

So, if you want to try your luck and see if you can win big or crave that taste of Vegas then online slots will give you all you want, from the sofa or the kitchen. There are several places that have online slots as well as a multitude of other games. From slots to poker just remember to stay safe, responsible and do not play with money you are not willing to lose, all in all make sure you are having fun online.

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