The Right Dosage of CBD Oil for Dog Seizures: A Guide

CBD oil is known for its many beneficial qualities for people and our furry friends. It has been used to treat anxiety, body pain, seizures, and more.

It’s common to be recommended CBD oil for your canine companions that suffer from seizures. The issue is that CBD oil for dog seizures is fairly new, so what is the proper dosage?

Keep reading for more information about CBD and how you can use it to help your epileptic dog.

What Is CBD?

CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant but doesn’t necessarily work the same as THC. For people, we use CBD to manage both physical and mental pain. The same motivation can be used for animals.

CBD is very different from THC. THC has an element of psychosis and heavy negative effects on your pet’s body. CBD has the calming effects and body relaxation element that THC has, without the hassle.

How Does CBD Oil Help Epileptic Dogs?

Both CBD and THC affect the brain, spine, and nervous system. For pups that suffer from epilepsy, CBD for dogs acts as a relaxant that can reduce symptoms of seizures.

The early stages of research show that CBD oil helps calm the brain. This can lead to a reduction of symptoms, or seizures altogether. The positive outcomes of CBD are evident but the difficulty lies in figuring out the dosage for your dog.

Finding The Right Dosage Of CBD Oil For Dog Seizures

The proper dosage of CBD oil for dogs, like for people, depends on the qualities of your dog. Take into account your dog’s age, breed, size, and more.

For example, larger dogs usually will need a higher dose and vice versa. Although, the severity of the illness is also important in determining dosage.

Dogs that are given CBD oil for general health or bouts of anxiety would have a smaller dosage. Dogs that are affected by arthritis, cancer, and seizures, need a higher CBD oil dosage.

Negative Side Effects of CBD Oil

While the side effects are incredibly minimal, it’s important to be attentive to your dog’s reaction to CBD oil. Similar to humans, animals need time to adjust to new diets or medication. Starting with small doses is always recommended to allow room for adjustment.

The most common side effect would be diarrhea which is incredibly normal for animals adapting to new medications. Once your pup has gotten comfortable with CBD, there should be little to no side effects.

Where To Find CBD Oil For Dog Seizures

Following our guide for finding the right CBD oil dosage for your pup, will keep both you and your furry friend at ease. At Impact, we understand the significance your pets have on your and your family.

Ensuring that they are healthy and are not dealing with any pain is so important. The best CBD oil for dog seizures is one that you know you can trust and understands the importance of your dog’s health.

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