Why Is Web Hosting Service So Important?

In today’s era where the number of websites is increasing uncountable, the importance of good web hosting also increases.

If you want to have a website for your business, or for any other purpose you need a good web hosting service. See: Bluehost vs. Wix: Which is best?

We are on to dig some quick facts about why web hosting should grab your attention when you want to have a website for your business.

Having a website for your business means you want to get your services to reach around the world and for that purpose the website should be reachable to many people at a single time. This is the functionality which hosting like does for websites. But your website to stay in an online world needs security, better response time and traffic management. A good hosting can do that all for you.

Existence in an Online World:

Web hosting is important because it provides your website to be in an online world. You purchase a hosting means you purchase a space of servers of a company which stay online 24/7.

Hosting is much more than that,


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In the online world checkers are there to steal your data and if you have a website where people are purchasing then your website needs to be more secure because in a website like that people add credit card details. Websites using  HTTPS are more secure and to ensure HTTPS you need good hosting and secure IP addresses. Plus hosting also provides firewall security to ensure better protection of your site.

Speed of accessing a website:

Why speed for accessing a website is important? Have you noticed when you open a website and it’s not getting open in 2 to 3 seconds you leave that site and move on to another. There is a saying If your website takes more than 5 seconds to load you lose 37 percent of your traffic. It means having speed is necessary. No doubt optimised websites have much higher speed than others but having a good hosting automatically makes your website respond fast.

Backups in seconds:

Websites should have a backup of your website’s data. For example if you change some text and you need it back then a good host comes under action. Host provides a backup facility to the admin of the website and for the website’s users.

Monitoring and Observing:

Websites in an online world need regular check up. For example reporting issues of websites to admn. Keeping backup and reporting any security threat etc. For all that purposes a good hosting provides a great monetization and on time reporting of issues.

Strong Data:

Do you ever wonder if you add data for sign up or login in a website where this data stores? And yea the answer is Hosting. Your host provides you a space to store all the data of incoming and outgoing traffic to your website. Not only this but hosts also provide space on their servers to store websites pages too. So hosts provide space to store website data and data to customers too.

This is now getting clear why hosting is so important. But things do not get narrowed down here. Good hosting provides more facilities than this.

Taking part in SEO and Google Ranking:

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Normally people consider web hosting services to not have any impact on seo and search engine rankings. When you have a website who is optimised on well researched and most demanding keywords plus pictures in the website have optimal size but your website is still not getting ranked on google. Then maybe there is a condition that you host cannot handle traffic to your page and the user may also face the issue of more load time. When users do not stay on your website pages for a long time google considers it and reduces the chances of google ranking. So best web hosting is important.

Decreases Downtime:

Websites get down if there is more traffic on your page that the host cannot bear or it may also be due to bad coding, or random connection of website pages. Means more complexity in a website increases the downtime. But if the website is good to go and you are still facing website down issues then it’s your web host which needs to be changed.

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