The Secret Role of Biotech in Your Desired Super Bowl Snacks

How Technology and Business Changing the World

The excitement level eventually gets higher when it’s super bowl time and we all know exactly what that means. Even if you are not much into food and not a typical foodie still, the chances are that you will be indulged in your favorite super bowl snacks that may count on; burgers, sandwiches, nachos, and whatnot!

Here, we cannot thank Biotechnology enough for making this food enjoyment possible for us.

Cuban Sandwich or Pulled Pork

Meanwhile, the majority of the countries are making the best time out from the game-day classics yet, the true fans in Tampa and Kansas Cities are more involved in some of the best local charges. The majority assume that a sandwich, filled with juicy pork is a Miami or either a Key West thing but, only if inquire from any fan of Bucs they would proudly state that Tampa is none less than a home, especially to the original Cuban. Moreover, in the city of Kansas, nothing sounds better than pork, made with BBQ smoke flavor.

Although, the manufacturers of pork, throughout the world are experiencing huge devastation loss from different diseases like; African Swine Fever. Appreciatively, many biotechnology consulting firms are focusing on developing solutions to build disease resistance within the pigs and to ensure that Cuban sandwiches and BBQ pulled pork is right here to stay longer.

Tortilla Chips

We are all likely to relish while searching for a perfectly scooped chip that would increase the action of dipping. Meanwhile, the factor is too obvious that the main ingredient within the tortilla chips is no other thing than the corn which is considered as one of the most common crops, being promoted by biotechnology. However, the corn that we consume in the present time is considered as a distant cousin from its source. For ages, the farmers are breeding corn specifically for optimum taste and colour, to grow huge, and to hold more kernels.

In the present time, in action to meet this ongoing demand for the crop and also for the plant corn has been hereditarily modified (GM) to be resistant to damaging insects and tolerant of commonly used herbicides. However, according to modern life sciences consulting, the capability for today’s time corn to be the resistant of insect and herbicide-tolerant that assures that the crop of corn is enough to fulfil the demand of users in the cereals, course chips, wraps, and also in cereals.

Cheesy Foods and Dips

The amount of cheese we intake in modern times comes from the advent of biotechnology. However, the enzymes are entitled as ‘rennet’ and are considered a critical part of the whole process of cheese making. However, many years ago, the only way of getting rennet was through the lining of the calf stomachs. Afterwards, the advent of biotechnology took a step into the world and assisted in making the process of cheese easier.

Many researchers claimed that biotechnology has worked in developing genetically enhanced bacterium and as well as the cells of yeast work on developing rennet, which in return can be used in the overall process of making cheese.

On the whole, this can be said that secretly, biotechnology is playing a huge role within the food industry and has helped in lessening the human efforts of making food.

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