What Are Some Of The Services Offered By Digital Strategy Companies In Egypt?


It seems as if there are more digital strategy companies opening up in Egypt. The digital era has taken all of Egypt by storm, and anyone with an Internet connection can do their part to help the revolution by getting involved in digital marketing. The key players in digital marketing in Egypt are Kola Marketing, Kola Digital, OOH media, and Communication for Social Media International (CAMIA).

Ministry of Business Affairs

These companies have been active in digital marketing in Egypt since 2000’s. They are mostly small and start-up companies that have been granted permits by the Ministry of Business Affairs to set up shop in the country. These companies help in digital promotion in Egypt by employing the most recent methods of Web promotion available, such as social networking. Many of these digital strategy companies also offer mobile applications for smartphones, which allow the users to keep track of their friends’ profiles, download and share information on the Internet, etc. They are very helpful to individuals who want to promote their businesses in Egypt or those who need to do digital marketing research.

Kola Marketing is one of the companies that help the market penetration in Egypt. They use multimedia materials such as pop-ups to get the user’s attention and then market their products or services. Some of their services include web, SMS, MMS, mobile, personal email, and e-mail marketing.

Kola Digital also uses different digital tools

Kola Digital also uses different digital tools to reach out to clients in Egypt. They help design websites, launch campaigns, create advertising, and track the user’s browsing habits. They also market digital solutions such as printers, scanners, printers, software, digital cameras, camcorders, digital publishing, and other software. CAMIA also does online training for companies in Egypt. They provide training for companies on business development and Internet marketing, among other things.

The goal of Kola Digital is to create high quality websites

The goal of Kola Digital is to create high quality websites that will attract people from the local area, especially the youth. They also market their services to companies from other countries that want to market themselves in Egypt. One of the companies that uses the help of this company is a German company that wanted to market its products in Egypt. The Egyptian youth is very interested with digital marketing and wants to know more about it. By using the services of the Egyptian companies, they can make themselves more informed about digital marketing and increase their market share in Egypt.

Kola Marketing offers demographics and survey information

Kola Marketing offers companies assistance by offering market analysis. They can also provide companies with information about demographics and survey information, etc. Digital marketing is still in its early stages in Egypt. The companies are helping the companies in Egypt to understand the needs of the market, and how digital tools can be used to enhance the market penetration in Egypt.


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